Hungary Map v 0.9.25 for ETS2 1.19.x

Hungary Map (1) Hungary Map (3) Hungary Map (2)

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Here is the first and the only one version of Hungary Map till now for Euro Truck Simulator 2. Up to now, 0.9.25 version is released and work fine on ETS2 1.19.x!

There are total 55 cities have been added in this map! Next version of this map will add upto over 300 cities! wow!
I drove this map a long time ago, and I was glad to see it come back out and updated.
This is a nice map, I found that how ever that the speed limit on the GPS and the map is not right.
If you plan to drive this map, you have better go by the map speed sign’s. I think this is something the map team need’s to address.
I also found that the time in the game passed a lot slower then in the regular game. I guess if you like that sort of thing that’s great.
So over all my opinion of this map, is it is top rate. Just a few minor things should be looked at. mainly the speed limit.

Authors: Frank007, LoneWolf

DOWNLOAD 266 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 266 MB [Uploadfiles]

41 thoughts on “Hungary Map v 0.9.25 for ETS2 1.19.x

  1. Não esta havendo tráfego de veículos pequenos nessa versão do mapa!

  2. MasioZiom

    Yeah! I love this map!

  3. this map is compatible with other maps ?


  4. thank you. but it’s update for 1.18 in 16-6-2015 . can be running in the 1.19 and more wrong information . I hope next it was 1.19 version update. : )

    1. Não esta havendo tráfego de veículos nesse mapa

  5. How do you start new game in 1.19 ???
    No module option.

  6. I come here to ask for the possibility to leave this map, compatible and complementary to other maps ( TSM , MARIO MAP , PROMODS , ETC ….) so it would most enhance the game without having to keep changing profile or map. thank you

    1. Dude, Hungary map is based in Hungary and Hungary only. It is not suppose to be compatible with other maps wich is very scaled down. Hungary map takes up all of the original map “europe”

    2. Faelandaea

      This gets asked EVERY time this map is uploaded by someone. Same answer: Not possible. It is extremely obvious that this map is a completely different scale from all other maps. And FYI to the uploader, THAT is why time passes differently. You are a completely different scale. Therefore it would not be possible to combine this with other maps without completely re-scaling it to default, thus gutting literally 90% of the detail that Frank has put into this map. For that matter you may as well drive the default few cities already on the default map for Hungary.

      Basically this map is for those who like driving more real-time in a more local environment. And there are drivers out there who do like this (myself being one of them). I am learning as much as I can from Frank’s work because I plan to do something similar for Switzerland and the Netherlands (both countries being small enough I can handle such a project).

      Also, one last note – this map is NOT an official release. While it is nice that the uploader has his working on 1.19x, there is no guarantee, and the official release is still rated at 1.18x. OFFICIAL release news can be seen here:

      However since this map does not rely on assets or any particular DLC to function, since it is completely standalone and is not affected by SCS adding cities to the default game, I can;t see where that would affect this map at all and it should work fine on 1.19x.

      1. Walter Plinge

        Bravo… Very well said indeed sir.

        And using proper grammar too. Read like a book.

        Very rare to see that these days…

        Well written

      2. Thanks for the info man. I appreciate it. I have the non-steam version of ETS2 and am currently running the Hungary map. It is just about my favorite map, if not THE favorite. Hopefully the original map creator will release a compatible 1.19 version in the near future as it is one of the reasons I am thinking about holding off on updating to 1.19 even when I am able to. Well between that and I heard there are issues with the T800 which I love making skin packs for in addition to the VNL670 which I heard crashes 1.19. Well dang. lol But 1.19 is new so we gotta give those guys time to update their mods. 🙂

  7. Roland Ács

    This is compatible v1.18.1.3?

  8. Thanks! I have always loved this map. Infact i am currently playing it on 1.18. 🙂 Glad to see it is now 1.19 ready once i am able to update my game.

  9. A gdzie hasło do rozpakowania.

  10. Gdzie jest hasło do rozpakowania?

  11. @ Frank007, LoneWolf : thanks for update this great map 🙂

  12. “I also found that the time in the game passed a lot slower then in the regular game”

    The time is slower because it is to reflect real life timing. Dont forget that unlike SCS, Promods, TSM etc, Hungary map is only in Hungary, scaled down to “SCS europe” size.

  13. great mod map! thanks

  14. I have a huge respect to the team wich develope on this map !!! Best map ever.

    Sry for my english


  15. 1.19 does not support gives me crash

    1. Faelandaea

      There is no 1.19 version yet, so yeah expect a lot of crashes with an unsupported map that was not uploaded by the original author. Currently Hungary map is still officially for v1.18x only. See my above post for details.

  16. Add 300 cities promise a long time, do not. Just update the version of the game.

  17. Tá faltando o arquivo traffic_data.sii

  18. password ???

  19. What is the password

  20. Ta faltando o arquivo de trafego nesse mapa

  21. Alguém sabe da senha do mapa

  22. PLEAS i need password

  23. password?

  24. este cea mai tare harta ,intradevar foarte reala. sunteti cei mai tari

  25. Hologram2102

    Why are by me no cars on street theres only mercedes benz sprinter ! Help :((((((((((((((

  26. starszydziadek

    why you password

  27. Varecga72


  28. THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL VERSION! If you read the scs forum by frank007 you will notice that an update for ETS2 V1.19 will come this days. And the expansion for 300 cities is announced for autumn! So don’t be upset this copy doesn’t work properly, take care of watching frank007’s forum on scs!

  29. Alguém pode me ajudar? porque eu não ir para 1.19-en
    não vá em vão saída

  30. Constantin

    I Need a Password

  31. Norbuś xD

    What is the password to the map ?

  32. moganmaile

    what is the password to the map (Hungary Mapv 0.9.25 for ETS2 1.19.x) the map password zip file .

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