Hungary Map v 0.9.28 [1.23]

Hungary-1 Hungary-2 Hungary-3

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Changelog of v0.9.28:
– Compatibility to v1.23
– Enlarged roundabouts with wider roads
– Company entrances fixed: no more dump at the gates
– Side street connections improved
– Vegetation fixed: no more grass on roads
– Traffic signs replaced at crash barriers
– New models for supermarkets
– A lot of bug fixes

Good driving!

Tested 1.23 Game Version

Author: Frank007


63 Responses to Hungary Map v 0.9.28 [1.23]

  1. Joe says:

    Is the map standalone?

  2. Westheimer says:


  3. 4861yeti says:

    When the map is because out times continue ? solved since 3/4 year only bugs and adjusted . When can one finally the other cities approach that can be seen on the world map ?? slowly it is boring !!

    • gibanica says:

      yeah, you are right! This is boring!
      Let you make one great map, with whole hungary map and all cities!
      you are the best! cant wait you to release!

    • DI3S3L says:

      I absolutely agree with you Gibanica!

      Let’s try to make a better one 4861yeti! This map is 1:3 scale and contains lot of Hungarian cities, villages, authentic scenes and roads, many tipical Hungarian models, etc… Frank and his team make this project better and better.

      • 4861yeti says:

        I did not say that the map is #### … but that was a promise from the mapper berreits against a 3/4 year it will be a total of more than 300 cities . and these are expanded with the next adjustments on. so I asked when these are cities since come and they get bored otherwise if no more come . so far this map was always adapted only to the patch . so is this map only highly recommended on the basis of the scale and accuracy . So .. read only once before write comments DI3S3L !!!!

        • Ets2fan says:

          You must understand it’s take a lot of time for developing. Just be patient it’s ready when it’s ready! No need to rush developers work.

          Great map very detailed! Keep up with good work and thank’s for update.

        • Cipinho says:

          I don’t think there are 300 cities in the whole Hungary 😉

  4. Piratxxx11 says:

    BUGS, BUGS, BUGS… not map for play….

    • konya says:

      what bugs? its about you, I have no bugs

    • DI3S3L says:

      What are you talking about? What kind of bugs? I play on this map long time ago and I don’t see any terrible bugs… in the earlier versions maybe… But now, this version contains many-many new things and a lot of bug fixes.

  5. BVP says:

    great update èè Frank when im download this Traffic: wher do i have to put it ?

  6. Koca_burazz says:

    do u need any DLC (Scandinavia or Going East) to play at this map?

  7. Seylan Dayı says:

    Hata Veriyor Rar Dosyası Yüklenirken Hata Veriyor İndirme Başarısız Diyor 2. Denemem de ise Rar Dosyası Açılamıyor

  8. Dejvo says:

    One of the best map for ETS2. Works perfect on Steam version, 1.23. Also on Mac OS X. Minimum bugs (one of the biggest problem is traffic jam, but player can handle it by choose a different route, but sometimes you need to save the game and start again, and traffic is ok than). Map is full of different trucks, traffic, billboard, buildings. Lot of Hungarian cars, buses, people, realistic life in game. Simply it is just like in real life. Great job. Thanx a lot for this map.

  9. ETS2 Fan says:

    This is the best and authentic map out there for ETS2.
    Thank you very much for this wonderfull ” BABE” !
    But, one thing that i think is too much…nearly in every city or village are Police cars with flashing lights…if this could reduced in future than this map were mor than perfect

  10. RO TRUCKER says:

    Guys, i have played on the previous version of this map.
    Do i have to create a new profile for this version?
    I hope that i can continue with that save.


    • Dejvo says:

      I think you can continue with your profile, you don’t need to create a new one.

  11. KUBA says:

    GREAT WORK.!!!

  12. bikkel says:

    some bugs to bad

  13. charles says:

    how to work this map?? i have both dlc’s can i still play this map with the dlc??? p.s i dont know if the game will work if i delete these two big dlc map.

    • zifu_vlc says:

      Charles, this map is standalone.
      Create a new profile, install mod as usual and choose to play with that map and not the default.

  14. zippe says:

    this map is absolutly fantastic,I played much maps on ETS2 but no other map has so many details and beautifull villages and citys,there are a few errors in the log but I played many hours without any problem, I love this map, sometimes the traffic is so much that a game restart is necessary,but this is only a little problem, thank you very much for this GREAT WORK!!!! greetings from austria

  15. niknor2017 says:


  16. zifu_vlc says:

    Great work guys!!! Very very nice and beautifull map!!!
    But I recommend “Traffic Density Mod” to reduce/avoid traffic jam at intersections and semaphores.
    (option 50×50 works fine for me)

  17. zifu_vlc says:

    First impressions:

    In spanish.
    Without “Density Traffic Mod” to reduce/avoid traffic jam. I recommend it.

  18. Asep Fariz Nugraha says:

    Can You Tell Me List Dealer Truck Please 🙂
    Iveco ?

  19. Vitali says:


  20. hongkongdriver says:

    thank you Frank007!!!!! It is the most realistic and beautiful map I have ever played.

  21. Lord Benjinathor says:

    I’ve been playing on this map for a long time. I can’t wait for more cities to come out. But there’s a few little things you might want to fix. One example would be to fix the directions on roundabouts. The GPS always tell me to go in the wrong way. And there is also a speed sign standing in the middle of the road on 11 west (from Visegrad to Esztergom). Nonetheless, very great map!

  22. Gábor says:

    Nagyon rendben van ez 🙂 Viszont jöhetne már a Mecsek meg a Mátra 😉

  23. ColdChris says:

    Hello! Can some one tell me how to install the map? i have never installed one, do i only have to put it on mods folder and create a new profile?

  24. Drive Safely says:

    Lively standalone map! Strongly recommended 🙂

  25. Lord Benjinathor says:

    Little update on my experience with this map. My game crashed two times when I was driving near Bicske. No idea if I have mods conflicts. I only use truck sound mod. And it only happens when I drive there, not when I use the free roam camera.

  26. navin sharma says:

    Please make

  27. ian says:

    hello i try it and it did not work with rusmap and when load it in all i get this load save file when i remove rusmap

  28. pat says:

    this map bug!!! and crash !!!

    be it the DLC to play on??

  29. alfanmuda says:

    Where the city of Mercedes-Benz dealer located in this folder?

  30. káposzta123 says:

    ### guys?? Respect this map there’s a lot of work in it… ######

  31. GamerLionfish says:

    Does this map on 1.24x?

  32. Andrea says:

    Hi where can i have save game map hungary open all garage and dealer? Please tell me if you had..

  33. Filip says:

    Does it work on v1.24?

  34. wolfgang pursian says:


    sehr umfangreiche karte
    ist sie mit tsm karten kompertibel oder muss mit neuem accont betrieben werden. gibt es eine angleichung auf patch 1.24

  35. ets2 indfans says:

    Good map!!!
    Please make indonesian map, you must try to make jakarta traffic:D

  36. dakatsuki says:

    file corrupt in my pc (v1.22), stuck in load game window…

    Please help me

  37. pursian says:


  38. vivekq says:

    What am i doing wrong game crashes on load screen i created new profile and activated hungary mods and it still crashed!!

  39. snowman says:

    Please optimize it more for less lag if you can the map is amazing keep the updates coming!!!

  40. vivekq says:

    This map is absolutely stunning but i am quite dissapointed with. For example as far as i know there are no truck dealerships or auto reparing garages. I await a hungary map save game to solve these issues

  41. X_SUAREZ says:


  42. X_SUAREZ says:


  43. Wookson says:

    God job!

  44. J.P. MOTORSPORTS says:

    For those interested the dealerships are
    DAF is in Budaors
    IVECO is in Pest_kozep
    Mercedes Benz is in Szekesfehervar
    Renault is in Csepel
    Scania is in Buda_eszak
    Volvo is in Pest_eszak or Kecskemet.

  45. 강선진 says:

    이거 할라면 무슨버전해야되나여?>

  46. 강선진 says:

    무슨버전이 된다는거에여?

  47. waan says:

    esque la map foncionne sur la 1.24.2.

  48. wolf says:

    hey leute
    die karte ist in ordnung bis auf kleinigkeiten
    was ich vermisse ist das strassenbahn und versch.züge nicht laufen schade
    aber die map war eine umfangreiche arbeit,würde gern da beherrschen

  49. SUDIP MONDAL says:

    this map is not working in ets2 and pleace suggest me.

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