Hungary Map v0.9.26


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This version contains the following changes and updates:

– No new cities have been added!
– Several updates in the models and road network on the older parts of the map. The older areas received new models, prefabs, and more variety of interesting road scenarios to discover.
– Lots of map fixes. Hopefully you’ll encounter much less invisible walls and other game-breaking bugs on the map.
– Map is converted to work with v1.19 of Euro Truck Simulator 2.


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41 Responses to Hungary Map v0.9.26

  1. LONGLINERV8 says:

    this map i wanted to try but its not load after the load screen it is crashing whit only this map in mij mod folder it is stil crashing

  2. dokee78 says:

    Nekem Crashel a játék,pedig minden más modot kikapcsoltam és leírás szerint raktam fel.

  3. c says:

    Crashes my game when loading

  4. nmgsyp says:

    Game crash in the fast job, some of gamelog error:
    Map link conflict for 0x49028953EB0017A, two items are probably using the same prefab
    Redundant front wheel accessory removed!

  5. kasia says:

    the game crashes to the desktop

  6. jonathan says:

    tells me there was a problem loading the game

  7. TruckerTom94 says:

    yea game crashes after about 25 seconds hope u can fix this quickley!!!
    good luck but it looked like on the map u had made some bloody awesome progress. thumbs up just would like it not to crash 🙂

  8. Ricardo says:

    Works with tsm and rusmap??

  9. MilkmanJim says:

    Does this add the country of Hungary itself or convert the names of the cities to the Hungarian language?

  10. bryan says:

    this is the new must I remove other?

    • DC-David says:

      Yes you must remove the other. Copy the 3 new files into your mod folder and activate them as well as deactivate the original. Then you are all set. I just did it myself and works good so far.

  11. c says:

    The hotfix solved all my problem Frank thanks!!! i want to have an xp and money cheat to work on this map wich one works i DONT want to use cheat engine

  12. kisscool says:

    map sympa dommage qu’il recommencer l experience a zero

  13. kasia says:

    hungary map or works with TSM Map?

  14. Neri says:

    Ha uma incoerência entre o salário (valor do serviço) e as multas de trânsito

  15. james says:

    Frank- Its really a good map except for the fact there are very few repair stations and dealers. For the amount of towns and slowness of travel you need to put at least repair and dealers in at least 1/2 of all towns. In the present conditions you need to teleport to get trucks fixed.

  16. Attila says:

    Frank I have a problem with some flickering. If I drive DAF E6 there is a veird flickering on the map. Random stuff come up on the screen. But with other trucks it’s fine. I tried on a new profile without any mods and still doin it, but only with DAF so far. Any ide? Köszi előre is.

  17. Attila says:

    Ookay. It seems it’s doin it with other trucks as well now. I updated the video card driver. Deleted my old Hungary profile, started a new one. Still doin it. Tried to turn off in-game graphic options, but still bad. No idea what to do. If anyone have the same problem please let me know. In the console these messages comes up.. tons of them.
    [sage] Broken normal effect property query.
    [sage] Broken normal effect property query.
    [sage] Broken normal effect property query.
    [sage] Broken ordinal-based effect property query.
    And then it repeats itself million times.

  18. Toni says:

    Can’t get it workin with promods and rusmap. Crashes in loading screen

  19. Andrew says:

    I love this map.

  20. Dave92 says:

    After I click on a mission the game has been crashing to the table and I can read this in hungarian language: A Euro Truck Simulator 2-Steam működése leállt a windows megoldást keres a probléma megoldására.
    Mit lehetne vele csinálni így?

  21. RobViguurs says: on version
    Comparison this map in some parts on google maps!! He made real roads and locations so this map is pretty good. read my full opinion in the video description.

  22. RayFiftyOne says:

    It lags like hell.

  23. Milka78 says:

    Gyönyörű szép kis Map,de városon belül (kecskemét),a beállításoktól függetlenül laggol+fps droppol,de veszettül.
    Mind ezt egy felfeszelt 290x alatt FHD-ban,fullon minden,200%-rendelésen.Az előző verziót simán kirázta kisújból a vga,de ez kivégzi.

  24. JPM TRANSPORT says:

    Can someone tell me where the Iveco dealer is? Hard to find on this map, but it’s all good . Love this map, it’s like a whole new game thanks frank!

  25. JPM TRANSPORT says:

    I know your probably a busy man frank007, but do you have an idea when your map will be converted to 1.20 version? Thanks!

  26. DarkPaapi says:

    Working fine just fine with 1.21 Are you accepting donation to continue this work? 🙂

  27. Jante says:

    oculus riftel brutálisan durva a kis helyekre betolatni nagyon vadállat 5* 🙂

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