Hybrid Man truck for Multiplayer


Tested on 1.19
is “legal” and safe to use it on multiplayer community.
go in singleplayer, activate the mod,
go in MAN dealer, search for hybrid MAN, customize ONLY Cabin, interior, paints and tuning, DO NOT change any chassis, and any engine, in case, game will crash.
hope you like it, Enjoy!

KiLLer Modding


11 Responses to Hybrid Man truck for Multiplayer

  1. Hymer says:

    OMG !!! NO !!!

  2. Ryan says:

    Why would you make this?
    Its clearly a mercedes with a man truck inside

  3. CarbonUndercover says:

    nejsem slepej, to jsou 2 auta (2 hráči) v sobě

  4. CarbonUndercover says:

    ukaž mi ho mimo non-colision zone

  5. Alex81 says:

    why so vandalizing cars???

  6. Dutch Bastard says:

    and i can confirm it’s working with MP.

    Can you adjust the black stroke that is covering the MAN letters?

    • kiLLer Modding says:

      I can try but is very hard work to do perfect matches between cabin and chassis, sometimes cabin is too small or too high.

  7. EneaMaconi says:

    #### truck

  8. Omg says:

    So shitty…

  9. Ramon says:

    It looks like ####

  10. Matt_T_UK says:

    Two trucks I drive is merc and Man, thanks to this mod I can drive both on MP! Nice and keep up teh work!

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