Renault Magnum edit v2.2.5


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– Updated chassis, engines, badge and cabin definitions
– shadows with better quality
– added badge euro 6
– fixed bugs in truck dealer

SCS, Ricardo Neisse

DOWNLOAD 35 MB [mediafire]
DOWNLOAD 35 MB [dropbox]

13 Responses to Renault Magnum edit v2.2.5

  1. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    HD Test Version…

  2. WobblyCaptain says:

    Time for a update .
    Any chance of making the route 66 skin available in yellow and also white?
    Great mod for this truck going to update now.
    Thanks đŸ™‚

  3. fleming says:

    Oh yeah man, that’s it working perfect now. Thanks a lot for your work.

  4. Yourballs says:

    I have to pay 155,000 for the McDonalds cup. Seems like I have to buy the complete interior over again to get the cup.

  5. ragnar says:

    can u make the BDF chassis availble again? That would be fine?!

  6. Gerd_E says:

    In my view this wonderful truck is an absolutely ‘must have’.
    Only some little points should be fixed:
    – If you try to buy painted mirrors, then the right side mirror ‘gets’ a panorama mirror, even when you chose mirrors without panorama mirror.
    – the passenger seat is in another color than the driver seat. In exterior view the passenger seat is always to bright in colour.
    – the sound iis excellent – except the noise when shifting up / down. The air pressure sound when shifting is a bit too loud.
    – If you mount some additional horns on the roof, there is no special horn sound.
    Anyway, the whole truck is a masterpiece.
    many thanks for that…….

    • RicardoNeisse says:

      mirror without panorama only in plastic, it will add other mirrors soon.

      interior looks and ext_interior are correct.

  7. Windu says:

    No passengers could be something more beautiful girls?

    • Vento says:

      Great mod, really like it.
      Only thing i would like is that the engine sound is a bit more quiet compared to the other sounds. or that the stock DXI 5 520 engine unses the original scs sound. I know many people like louder engines, but for me these engines,here are to loud.

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