Hymer B-Class SupremeLine in Traffic

The motorhome or recreational vehicle Hymermobil is being produced since the early 1970ies and still is one of the most successful motorhomes around Europe.
Mod will be restored by a forgotten motorhome Hymer B-Class SupremeLine.
Key features:
– the frequency is increased to 1.5 (in all countries);
– 14 different color shades of the body are added;
– added their own sounds.

SCS, SlavikSD


7 thoughts on “Hymer B-Class SupremeLine in Traffic

  1. thats already in traffic so its useless

    1. No! SlavikSD add logo and more colors! But, is simply! 😉

      1. I just want you to remember the forgotten motorhome…

        1. can you create a mod with this motorhome please? to drive it… in real life i have this motorhome and i want to drive it.. please

  2. Thanks!

  3. to drive. in Iveco showroom. is beatiful

  4. i want to drive it. HAHAHA
    Is beautiful!!

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