Hyundai Universe Express Noble Full Version

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This is Hyundai Universe Express Noble. It is orginal Hyundai Universe Express Model.
There are 3 model likes CDK, CBU Spoiler + Without Spoiler. Side window glass are also different.
It has also orginal Hyundai AC, Type, Rims, Engine, Transmission, Orginal Hyundai Sound etc. It is seen orginal Hyundai Model like Vietnam. There are 4 different chesis with different paints.

Version Tested : 1.31 – 1.33 [ 1.35 not tested]
Dealer : Scania

Fahim Auvro


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  1. Dillinger Johnny

    Fantastic, thank you very much indeed

    1. Welcome bro…
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  2. jayontheway228

    1.36 crash

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