Hyundai Xcient

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Hyundai Xcient truck
fixed with 1.27
diff lock animation



10 thoughts on “Hyundai Xcient

  1. 3290907953


  2. PolishDriverTruck

    Does the game crashes at 1.27 and in you?

  3. GamerLionfish

    Certainly something very different for a change.

    1. warriorbase

      I know right? It’s good to finally see a different brand instead of the same ones that are in the game. Would like to see some more UD’s, Isuzu’s and Mitsubishi’s added for the mods.

  4. miaoumixed

    Thank you for this truck.
    Hope it’ll work fine on 1.27.

  5. morris12345

    When you visit a dealer falls is the truck inoperable at 1.27.

  6. Schattenwolf

    Spiel stürzt ab.
    Egal was und wie man es macht.
    Sehr schade hätte ihn gerne gefahren und vorgestellt. Aber so ist er leider nicht zu gebrauchen. Mir scheint es auch so als ob er vom Patch 1.24 ist und einfach mal geschrieben wurde für 1.27
    Lohnt sich nicht ihn runter zu laden.

    Play falls.
    All the same what and how one makes.
    A great pity ones would have driven him with pleasure and would have introduced. But, unfortunately, thus he is not to be used. It also seems to me thus as if he of the patch 1.24 is and simply sometimes it was written for 1.27.
    Is not worthwhile him to download.

  7. AlexCrazy

    mod from March 2015, not standalone, replaces Man
    uploader is ###### a$shole

  8. The mod keeps crashing for me…. What should I do?

  9. Mua ở đâu mấy a

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