ICRF Map Reworked For 1.35

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Presenting the ICRF Reworked Map. It is a standalone map. This map is based on Indonesia Country Road Fever. I made compatible on 1.35. This is a realistic map of Indonesia. This map contains 3 cities of Indonesia connected by 1:1 narrow roads with full of beautiful road side view. Download link is given below.

Supported Version: 1.35.x.x

*[ Note: It is only for 1.35 & Profile is also given in this file. ]

There Is A Review Of This Map: https://youtu.be/fdn3dsd5bei
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Hopefully you guys will like it and appreciate my work. Please make sure to share the video if you wish to share the map & always support me for similar to this one!!!

Map author: Adie (Indonesia) Map editor: Imtiaz (Bangladesh) Map convertor : Alice (Bangladesh)


5 thoughts on “ICRF Map Reworked For 1.35

  1. How can they be made mod for 1.35, when we’re about to go to 1.37. I don’t understand.

  2. TheGreenlightTrucker

    1.35 – Okay …

  3. lol the 1.36 version is already available

    1. Can you give the link for 1.36

  4. Octavian101

    Please update your beautiful work to 1.36!

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