ICRF Map Sukabumi by Adievergreen1976


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This map is unlocked, similar to scs that share the file open to let
anyone modified, i too hope this can help others mapper.

The Graphics load this map mods similar to Hungary map by frank007

There are lots and lots of 2D trees which you wont like, i feel sorry
for this because in the past i’ve used 3D trees near roads, however
the lags is too much and unplayable. Tried to decreasing it but it wasn’t
the area i know (not enough real life like). And so 2D Trees are massively
used in the forest area, stay safe when entering kiara dua till bagbagan
regency, your pc fan should be screaming by the area.
Oh y i forgot, the most lags is in pelabuhan ratu regency. be safe…

== How To Use ==
1. Copy ICRF Sukabumi By Evergreen1976 V.1.21 File from
folder ” ICRF Map and Traffic Only for 1.21 ”

” For start, please dont use the given traffic mod”
” It is purposed to check ICRF Sukabumi map stability and how big is the lag”

2. Paste it in ” DocumentsEuro Truck Simulator 2mod… ”
3. Start ETS2 > New Profile > Mod manager (on the left screen)
5. Activate ICRF Sukabumi Map > Confirm changes > Module change to indonesia.mbd
6. Start from Pelabuhan ratu or Sukajaya.
7. Please do a quick job 3 times. then u can use given traffic.

Dealer List :
Volvo & Mercedes are in Pelabuhan Ratu Area
Daf, Scania dan Man are in Sukajaya Area
Iveco & Renault are in Surade Area

for support
twitter @adie808
Facebook Adie Evergreen

Authors: Adievergreen1976, other in the Readme


24 thoughts on “ICRF Map Sukabumi by Adievergreen1976

  1. por favor , deixar mapa compativel com outros mapas , obrigaado

    1. riodandy007

      standalone map

      pasword is Adievergreen1976

  2. qual a senha para descompactar

  3. password:adievergreen1976

  4. DejvíkCZ

    hi dont dowload on google , pls upload on sharemods

  5. agsukamto

    for those who want to make weather mod for this map just delete these files/folder
    Penghapusan /deleting :
    1.def/climate ( folder)
    thanks all..

  6. too bad !the password doesn’t work!

    1. manikanta

      its a RAR file and file is a lock
      unlock password is
      { adievergreen1976 }

  7. This is really cool but I have one problem. Can you please make it (optional maybe) to be Level 50 or something? I can’t buy modded trucks and I really don’t want to play to level up and cheat engine isnt an option with how they changed XP values for the map.

    Thank you! Map is awesome 😀

  8. WobblyCaptain

    From what I have seen so far I am quite enjoying this map.
    My first look

  9. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. Here is a 802km exploration of the whole map with a bit of craziness thrown in for good measure. I enjoyed driving on this map.


  10. I love this map! Great Job! I hope that in other update will be bigger. 😉 And I have one ask. Can i know whitch weather mod is in that?

  11. VA ENCULER TA MAP avec ton code de fils de pute .

  12. scooterking

    how to find a bus that will work on that map with passenger

  13. Indramawan

    To find the bus:
    search JB2HD Husni CO MMG Update 1.18.1 on Google.
    This file can find in facebook.

  14. Indramawan

    Mas, kalo boleh usul. Biarlebih realistis lagi.
    traffic-nya lebih ditertibkan lagi mas, terutama yang di jalanan dengan tikungan tajam biar ga nabrakin terus dari belakang, soalnya klo ketabrak terus malah habis duitnnya buat ganti rugi hehehe…
    Sama yang buat kargo penumpang tolong waktunnya lebih dilonggarin lagi, soalnnya klo jalurnnya bannyak tikungan hampir mustahil belok dengan kec up to 80 km/h, kalo kurang dari kecepatan itu kurang deh waktunnya hehehe…
    Tapi selebihnnya mapnya super sekali.

  15. video Full HD
    MAN bus & indo map

  16. map crash with ets2 1.22.2

  17. Anonymous

    Nggak pake huruf besar gan 🙂

  18. Joe the gamer

    Funny 🙂

  19. mana link download ets nya

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