Ikarus 250 Ultrasound [1.31.x]

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– Reworks of sounds, engines and others;
– Changes in physics, it is possible to roll on trucks, not turning off the modes (but the weight of the cab at the tractor will be 5t)
– Added engines, new characteristics of engines, transmissions;
– Corrections;
– +3 new skins;

Its interior (Luxury interior)
Own wheels
Original skins and painting
A variety of tuning
Interior lighting
Support for DLC Cabin Accessories and DLC Flag
New realistic physics

Karen Chakhalyan (KanSky), Gosha Motor, Zheka Lunyov, Vitalik Krasilnikov, Updates: Nikolenko Konstantin (Tornado) – New 3D models, animation fixes, physics sounds, adaptive bortcomputer and new accessories; Author of the update: Snare85 (Zheka Lunev)


7 Responses to Ikarus 250 Ultrasound [1.31.x]

  1. Bhagwant123 says:

    Please make it ets2 v. also

  2. Arek says:

    Everything is fine, but these curtains cover the whole view. Can I edit them or delete somehow?

  3. VelesM198 says:

    Yeah, those sun shades really need to be raised at least, they block a lot of view to the front. Very hard to see changing traffic lights and sudden obstacles on the road. Also can’t see the highway signs.

  4. VelesM198 says:

    Update: sunshades can be adjusted, press F4 until you get to seat/steering adjustments. Both shades can be adjusted there using settings for steering wheel hight and tilt.

  5. VelesM198 says:

    Is it possible to make this bus compatible with this mod: https://ets2.lt/en/bus-station-for-1-31-update/#comment-3347257
    So far that is the best passenger mod I have found.

  6. Bodyguardxp says:

    ETS 2 – IKARUS 250 – OTOBÜS Mod [1.32]

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