Improved company trucks 1.4


Complete list of features:

– 600 variants of quick job trucks (rhd and lhd) to select from;
– Every quick job truck now has its own technical condition;
– Almost all possible variants of chassis, cabins, interiors, now used in quick job trucks. More than 90% of default engines are represented;
– Mercedes Actros `14, Volvo FH16 20092012 and Iveco StralisHiWay now use new engines from Snoman`s Gearbox/Differential mod. Also, all quick job trucks use real gearbox data from Snoman`s Gearbox/Differential mod (mod is integrated);
– Trucks differ by installed accessories: front and bottom grills, wheels, sunshields, headlights, mirrors, doorhandles, sideskirts and doorsteps;
– Correct badges, based on enginechassis type;
– Reworked truck paint system: trucks will use SCS standard/metallic paint and custom skins for real logistic companies: A.K. Worthington, CEVA, Freya, Fiege, Kuehne Nagel, Norbert Detressangle, Panalpina, Schenker, Sovtransavto, Dachser, Emons Group, Logwin Logistics, Fercam, Willi Betz and Raben;
– 110 new paint colors for aiquick job trucks and ai cars;
– All trucks (except Renault Premium) now have working interior lights;
– All trucks without integrated GPS will have TomTom navigators;
– Hardcored truck physics;
– Hardcored economics and reworked police fines;
– Hardcored UI: virtual mirrors was removed and advisor lost some functions – from now on, it will not show you: map, time, ETA, speed, gear, damage, fuel level, fatigue;
– Icons of service stations, gas stations, recruit agencies, rest places and undiscovered places was removed from the map as a part of increased realism;
– Added one more mode for windshield wipers;
– More realistic customization for driver`s seat;
– New loading screens and menu music.

Attention!!! Mod is tested with ETS2 ver. 1.22. Should work on previous version too! Mod is compatible with all map mods, but must have higher priority!
If you will use this mod witn new profile, please complete 3-4 jobs and only then enable this mod, otherwise after first job completion, your game will crash to desktop. However, you can load save game and continue your game without problem.

1. Extract scs file from downloaded archive to mod dir of ETS2;
2. Enable this mod in mod manager (it is better to use highest possible priority for this mod);
3. Play!

AlexeyP. Also, big thanks to Term99, Schumi, Alang7 and Snoman.


12 thoughts on “Improved company trucks 1.4

  1. Kitkat10047

    Download link does not work

    1. Kitkat10047

      Don’t matter its working now

  2. Hell of a job!

  3. Good mod but I dont like economics, hired drivers making no profit, job income needs to be a little better.
    I like physics, steering, braking, no virtual mirrors and route advisor changes.
    All in all good mod just needs a little more twaking.
    Keep up good work.

  4. Thanks for all comments. It was mine intend to created so hard economics, IRL truckers get much, much less income, than in game byd Also, logistics business is not only income, but lossess to. So some of ai drivers will bring not only income, but losses too. Also, you can use other economic mods with this mod, just give`em higher priority, than my mod.

    1. Or even back to vanilla economy, by deleting def\economy_data.sii from mod.

    2. Its me again, I have tested your mod a little bit more and I really like it. With every day I keep loosing my money and I work hard with demage and pennalities at minimum. I loose money because of loan, IRL loan is not payed every day, it would be great if you customise loans, interest etc.
      Also ferry prices is a little bit too high
      And I see a lot purple AI trucks and cars. ( I use jazzycats AI trafic pack and cargo and trailers mod and TSM map)

      Dont get me wrong I just want to help you to make this mod even better.

      1. It`s ok mate. I need a feedback to make mod even better. As for economy, maybe you could temporarly switch to default one? Because, this mod is mainly for quick jobs and needs more tweaking in *your own company* part.
        About purple ai trucks: i can`t confirm such issue, i have tested my mod with clean profile and my current profile with approx 20 gb of mods: no any problem with purple ai trucks/cars (i use jazzy`s packs too).

        1. Ok mate, I will switch to default economy.
          Not all AI vheicles are purple, but its too many of them, and as we all know purple is not very popular color for cars and trucks IRL.
          But thats not big problem.
          I will wait for you to improve this mod or make another one for company owners.
          I belive that you will do it right 😀 keep up good work and all the best 😀

  5. [BG]Bobkata

    Password for the crypt files? I want to change the physics.

  6. Charlouis

    I love that your mod, buddy. You’ve done one like this for the ATS?

    1. Charlouis

      Mega realistic! Exceptional!

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