Improved company trucks 1.9

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– 1200 variants of trucks (rhd and lhd) for quick jobs to select from;
– Every quick job truck now has its own technical condition;
– Almost all possible variants of chassis, cabins, interiors, now used in quick job trucks. More than 90% of default engines are represented;
– Mercedes Actros `14, Volvo FH16 20092012 and Iveco StralisHiWay now use new engines from Snoman`s Gearbox/Differential mod. Also, all quick job trucks use real gearbox data from Snoman`s Gearbox/Differential mod (mod is integrated);
– Trucks differ by installed accessories: front and bottom grills, wheels, sunshields, headlights, mirrors, doorhandles, sideskirts and doorsteps;
– Correct badges, based on enginechassis type;
– Reworked truck paint system: trucks will use SCS standard/metallic paint and custom skins for real logistic companies: A.K. Worthington, CEVA, Freya, Fiege, Kuehne Nagel, Norbert Detressangle, Panalpina, Schenker, Sovtransavto, Dachser, Emons Group, Logwin Logistics, Fercam, Willi Betz and Raben;
– 80+ new paint colors for aiquick job trucks and ai cars;
– Some trucks now have working interior lights;
– All trucks without integrated GPS have standalone GPS navigators;
– New loading screens;
– Mod is compatible with all map, cargo, trailer, graphic, sound and physics mods;
– More realistic economy, harder gameplay and more slow player level progress;
– More traffic on roads and it is more agressive;
– Some quick job trucks will now use Michelin DLC tyres or have curtains installed;
– Some trucks will use xenon headlights;
– Some trucks will have dirty windshields;
– Some DAF and Scania trucks will have Vabis steering wheels installed.

– Fixed errors in job generation definition files;
– Updated transmissions and engines definition files, added new transmissions and engines;
– Some quick job trucks now will use xenon headlamps, some – default halogen;
– Completely removed default transmissions from quick job trucks definition files, they will only use lots of Snoman transmissions;
– Lots of new transmissions were added to quick job truck definition trucks;
– Reworked trucks and traffic cars colors definition files, now cars and truck will use less vivid colors;
– Fixed wrong base_color values in quick job trucks skins definition files;
– PMG files were converted to fix yellow warnings in game log.

1. Extract scs files from downloaded mod archive to Mod folder;
2. Run game and launch mod manager;
3. Enable Improved company trucks mod. If you don`t have DLC Michelin, also enable dlc_michelin.scs (with higher priority!)
4. Play!

Attention!!! Mod is tested with ETS2 ver. 1.27.x and not tested on previous versions. Please do not reupload this mod to other filehostings and keep original link!

AlexeyP, Snoman, Alang7


4 thoughts on “Improved company trucks 1.9

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

  2. Is there any way to disable “More traffic on roads and it is more agressive” and “More realistic economy, harder gameplay and more slow player level progress”?

    1. PolishDriverTruck

  3. could you also split or remove the colours comming with this mod it`s a bit strange sometimes and also not good for the performance.
    would be nice if you give us the possibility ti decide which features we want to have activated.

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