Improved Environment Sound v 1.2


Complete list of features:

– Mod adds more than 230 high quality sounds and music for ETS2;
– New realistic sounds for ai cars and new ai car horn sounds, taken from real cars;
– Every truck now have its own new windshield wipers sound;
– More realistic and more detailed refueling and trailer coupling sounds;
– New HQ rain, interior rain and thunder sounds;
– New HQ rain blobs textures and general look of rain on windshield;
– Realistic train sounds including sound of railroad crossing sound;
– New yawn sounds for men/women driver;
– New garage interior and garage gates sound;
– New environment sounds for forest and city. Now its total 20 new sounds;
– Reworked ambience sounds for companies. Added many missing sounds for different companies (for default, Pro Mods, RusMap, ROS, TSM and MHA map companies). Added more than 40 sounds overall;
– Added many new and changed old sounds for different game objects (movers) from default map and various mod maps: sounds of animals, people, machines etc;
– New ferry and train (Eurotunnel) sounds;
– New photo mode camera sound;
– New menu music;
– Mod is fully compatible with Sound Fixes Pack mod by Drive Safely, but must be installed with higher priority!

Attention!!! Mod is tested with ETS2 ver. 1.22. Should work on previous version too! Mod is compatible with all map mods, but must have higher priority! Mod was adapted for Pro Mods map, Russian Open Spaces map, TSM map, MHA map and Rus Map. Also, mod is compatible with Sound Fixes Pack mod by Drive Safely.

– Decreased sound level for cows, horses, bird flocks, ambient sounds of forest and companies;
– Added more sounds for companies, city and forest environment;
– Added more detailed coupling sound;
– Added more detailed refueling sound;
– Changed outside sound of rain;
– Added new sounds for trains. Also, added railroad crossing warning sound;
– Increased interior sound, as a result traffic more audible now;
– Added HQ texture for rain blobs, as well as new rain effect on windshield;
– Sounds of traffic and traffic horns changed on better ones;
– Other minor bugs was fixed.

Author: AlexeyP


26 thoughts on “Improved Environment Sound v 1.2

  1. Karina-Moskva

    Спасибо !

    1. Пожалуйста!))

  2. Worth a try

  3. awesome mod!!!! your mod becomes better and better with every update! thank you very much AlexeyP for your great work and for sharing with us!! greetings from Austria

    1. Thanks!

  4. I gave it a try with Promods 2.0 and Rus Map 1.6 installed. I followed exactly the instructions: The main file got higher priority than Sound Fixes (current version 11.5), the Sound Def File for Promods, PR, RusMap, ROS, EAA got higher priority than the main file.

    Drove the road from Ventspils to Riga in Latvia. First CTD shortly after the fuel station, second CTD at the roundabout with construction site near Riga. Both spots caused no problems after disabling the mod. Hope there will be a fix soon, cause the new sounds are nice!

    1. Give me log please. Upload it to pastebin.

      1. Ok, i`ve just tested pro mods+my mod combo: have taken a trip from Ventspils to Riga. No issues at all. I have successfully driven through gas station and reached Riga.
        Running latest steam version of ETS.

        1. Did some further research and found out: Problems were caused by frosty mod by Grimes (v5.6). Frosty (and maybe early/late autumn mods as well) needs to have higher priority than Improved Environment Sounds, and everything will be fine. Otherwise, crashes will occure.

          Thanks for your response, shows a great commitment to support. I highly appreciate that.

  5. Do your mod overrun the promods def ? I specifically choosed “No Damage” when i picked my ProMods def to avoid getting screwed by bugs, but since i got your mod i start taking normal damages again.

    I don’t want to imagine how much it gonna hurt if i ram another invisible wall at 110kph.

    1. Yes, it have custom game_data.sii. But you can edit it, mod archive is unlocked.

      1. And for unskilled noobs that knows nothing about modding ?

        1. Ok forget it , i’m done with this #### gayme. 10 crash in 5mn is more than my tolerance limit.

  6. Will post video please!

  7. А есть видео с этим модом?

  8. 강석주

    EXEC does not become in game that makes straight and increases this mode if make
    Asia Jeungmal Jjajeungnananda

  9. Acacio Lourenço

    Your mod is very good, i like every sounds, but there is one problem:
    when the driver want sleep there are no sound, please resolve this probleme. I leave in portugal and my english is not the better, but i try to help. Thank you.

    1. I just checked and i hear driver yawn sound after 10-15 seconds after screen becomes black. Check again, please.

  10. Do you support the map of Scandinavia

    1. If you mean Scandinavia DLC, then yes. If you talk about Northern Scandinavia Map, then there is very high chances mods will work together without issues.

      1. …But i didn`t test this two mods together specially.

  11. can this work while i have a MAN TGX sound mod?

  12. kevin60927

    I have some question.When I used map with promods v2.0+Rusmap v1.6,The map became small is it true?

    1. LarsVegas155

      happened to me too, with all other mods disabled and both DLCs installed. a small fix would be great

  13. kevin60927

    when I used promods+rusmap.Maps become small.Is it True?

  14. question: does this mod work with vanilla?

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