Improved Environment Sound v 1.3


– Mod adds more approx. 250 high quality sounds and music for ETS2;
– New realistic sounds for ai cars and new ai car horn sounds, taken from real cars;
– Every truck now have its own new windshield wipers sound;
– More realistic and more detailed refueling and trailer coupling sounds;
– More realistic lift axle sound;
– New HQ rain, interior rain and thunder sounds;
– New HQ rain blobs textures and general look of rain on windshield;
– Realistic train sounds including sound of railroad crossing sound;
– New yawn sounds for men/women driver;
– New garage interior and garage gates sound;
– New environment sounds for forest and city. Now its total 20 new sounds;
– Reworked ambience sounds for companies. Added many missing sounds for different companies (for default, Pro Mods, RusMap, ROS, TSM and MHA map companies). Added more than 40 sounds overall;
– Added many new and changed old sounds for different game objects (movers) from default map and various mod maps: sounds of animals, people, machines etc;
– New ferry and train (Eurotunnel) sounds;
– New photo mode camera sound;
– New menu music;
– New roads looks during rain;
– Increased truck and trailer damage level. Decreased truck to trailer damage;
– Decreased viewing angles for mirrors;
– Mod is fully compatible with Sound Fixes Pack mod by Drive Safely, but must be installed with higher priority!

Attention!!! Mod is tested with ETS2 ver. 1.22. Should work on previous version too! Mod is compatible with all map mods, but must have higher priority! Mod was adapted for Pro Mods map, Russian Open Spaces map, TSM map, MHA map and Rus Map. Also, mod is compatible with Sound Fixes Pack mod by Drive Safely.

1. Extract scs file from downloaded archive to mod dir of ETS2;
2. Enable this mod in mod manager. If you use other modded maps, also enable with higher priority Improved_Environment_Sound_Def_File_for_Promods+PR+RusMap+ROS+EAA.scs or Improved_Environment_Sound_Def_File_for_Promods+PR+RusMap+ROS+EAA+SK Adv.Map.scs files;
3. Play!

– Increased sound level for forest ambient sounds;
– Completely reworked all traffic sounds;
– Added new ambient sounds for city and forest;
– Changed sound of cows, rain, interior rain;
– Added new sound for lift axle;
– Changed some company sounds;
– Increased damage level for truck/trailer. Reduced truck to trailer damage;
– Decreased mirrors viewing angles;
– Changed roads looks during rain.

Author: AlexeyP


11 thoughts on “Improved Environment Sound v 1.3

  1. Thank you mate. We are really need good sound mod. Thanks.

  2. – Increased damage level for truck/trailer. Reduced truck to trailer damage;
    – Decreased mirrors viewing angles;
    – Changed roads looks during rain.

    Why would you muck with non-sound components? I think you’ve got a great sound mod but I think you should have kept it at that – just sound.

    1. I agree. This Mod has some good sounds, but you have introduced more then just sounds and these changes will effect other mods, and I don’t want these changes. Unfortunately,, I will not install.

      1. +1

    2. I agree, too. You should stay on Sound components. Make no mix. But thanks anyway 🙂

    3. Blaziken777Sverige


    4. Same here. Please stick with your fine sound improvements, but stay away from other things. Let everyone decide for himself how he wants to play the game.

  3. Karina-Moskva

    Cool !

  4. macadamstreet

    they are an bug for me. the map marker are all messed up in the map menu (not the gps, the map menu) everything is misplaced like if the map is more big than the roads tracks.
    dont know why this mod make this, but i gues its conflict with something else

    and yes, its come from this mod

    1. macadamstreet

      oh btw, i not use any mods maps and i not have the scandinavia dlc, only simple game map

  5. Hi.You do not respect there are Korea and China on the map.
    Your game_data.sii not correct.Fix the far away country in map viwer.Please. Or give me the password.Thank you before.

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