Improved HDR For ETS2 1.32

This is my second mod to Reduces (Bloom) and Improved (HDR)
– Fixed bugs
You can use this mod only with Euro Truck Simulator 2 v1.31.x/1.32.x Open Beta
Reuploading using that link is allowed! Reuploading using a different link is strictly forbidden!



9 thoughts on “Improved HDR For ETS2 1.32

  1. iTzSplashed

    i think its fake, because the truck he used in the picture was a scania s truck mod for 1.27 or 1.28 i dont remember. but i can remember that steering wheel+the display looked that unrealistic of that mod

    1. Yes, Lucie_KZ (Nazi Name…) is a Thief with a new Name…

      1. iTzSplashed

        also lag ich richtig 🙂

  2. удачна плох

  3. What is with that “zima” folder. The vanilla game DOES NOT have that folder in the def/climate section.

    1. This is my old mod. And zima is the climate from the Russian expanses. This is a thief!

      1. Here is the original of this mod from the previous version

  4. This mod is not compatible with 1.32,it not have two new ones climates.

  5. Here is the original of this mod from the previous version

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