Improved Iveco Stralis v 1.1

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-Mod adds updated Iveco Stralis truck (replaces vanilla Stralis);
-Improved interior model (extenal and internal), added two new interiors (four interiors total);
-Improved truck model (both cabin and chassis), with new tuning options;
-Improved textures;
-New lightmasks;
-High quality engine sounds by Kriechbaum;
-New transmissions by Snoman;
-Dashboard computer by Piva;
-Standard and chiptuned engines available;
-Interior walking camera;
-Skin templates are included;
-Compatible with Direct3d and OpenGL;
-Mod supports Tobrago`s “Signs on your truck” mod;
-Clean log and so on…

Mod was tested on ETS2 1.28, not tested on older game versions. Mod is compatible with DirectXOpenGL.
Tobrago`s “Signs on your truck” mod must be placed lower in mod manager than Iveco Stralis mod!

Please do not reupload this mod to other filehostings and keep original link! It is prohibited to use any parts of this mod in other paid or free mods without author`s (AlexeyP) permission!
For suppport, search for a topic here:
You can support further mod development by donating via Paypal on this email: [email protected]

Changelog for ver.1.1 (20.10.17):
-better headlights, blinkers and foglights textures;
-updated geometry of small part between cabin and front bumper;
-added slots to cab roof (just above windshield), grill, bumper, sideskirts and main mirrors (to all 3 models);
-fixed wrong geometry of some cab parts;
-fixed wrong uv-maps for some cab parts;
-improved glass material for interior;
-added new throttle/brake/clutch pedal models;
-added new textures for sleeper/seats (for all 4 interiors);
-some parts of exclusive interior now will have wooden finish;
-added possibility to remove roof horn (new painted horn type now available);
-added 3d models of ventilation holes (instead of 2d textures);
-new 2 types of windshield frames;
-added support for Tobrago`s “Signs on your truck” mod;
-added improved dashboard computer by Piva;
-added green backlight;
-added new 3d models for interior curtains;
-fixed driver position for outside truck model;
-added possibility to remove engine emblems from truck doors;
-added plastic sideskirts variants;
-added sun protection for windshield;
-added paintable rear mudguards;
-added possibility to install aftermarket front mudflaps under the front bumper;
-added side windows deflectors;
-added lowered chassis versions for all chassis;
-some other small changes…

AlexeyP, Kriechbaum, 50Keda, Piva, Snoman, SCS Software


32 thoughts on “Improved Iveco Stralis v 1.1

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        1. The Jammer

          @Pincher Yeah, and you don’t have any errors? I barely could understand what you wrote. But saying what you said about AlexseyP isn’t nice. He and couple of other talented modders made us an excellent mod, yet all you do is whine and insult people. So get the hell off this website, we don’t need scumbags like you here.
          AlexseyP thanks a lot for the great mod!

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  3. PolishDriverTruck

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  4. jorgent97

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  5. AzoraxModdingGaming

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  6. I want to ask you all: Are you totally insane ???
    Why so rude and idiotic language???
    I remind you that you are intelligent humans, aren’t you?
    So I urgently please you to overcome your rude language and come back to a humanly language, OKAY???
    By the way: Why so many video tests and NO description / voting about the download itself?
    Is this mod a good one or even a best one? And if not, explain why it is not good or why it is good.
    -> And here I send my big thanks to AlexeyP for his constant work on this truck to improve!
    Greetings from Germany…….

    1. Thank you, Gerd!

  7. Mr.GermanTruck thank for your test videos ! big thanks for this great mod !! 🙂

    1. Thank you, lea!

  8. AlexeyP.Keep up your good work.!!!

  9. fabulous thank you

  10. super IVECO and sound the best 🙂

  11. In previous mod,the speedo have some problem,means if you run with 90 km/h,the dash show only 85. Same at 85 km/h,tacho speed is 80. This mod solve that ?

  12. i’ve never really been a big fan of Iveco considering i’ve driven there trucks in real life. i have admit, i fairly like this mod though. very well done and thank you for sharing.

    @MrGermanTruck, it was your test video that convinced to download. nice preview as always 🙂

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