Improved Physics for all (Stock/SCS) Trucks and Trailer


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Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v.1.25.X Only)
This Mod improve the physics of all Stock Trucks of the Game. The Suspension and the physics is softer than before.

Caution: With this physics Mod the vehicles tend to tilt as in reality easier at Speed. But the driving experience is much more realistic. It supports all chassis.

As Bonus: In addition, the physics of the standard trailer of the game has been adjusted slightly. In order not only the trucks feels more realistic, but also the semi-trailers.

Small Encore: Adjusted Photo-Mode for a larger Camera Range.

Not Supported:
– High Power Cargo DLC
– Schwarzmüller Trailer DLC
(It will work with or without these DLC´s)

Uni [Actros 1846] (Germany)


3 thoughts on “Improved Physics for all (Stock/SCS) Trucks and Trailer

  1. Video, please.

  2. c+est+coi+le+mo+de+passe+merci

  3. kannst+du+bitte+eine+version+für+1.26+erstellen?

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