Improved Vehicle Lights v 1.8 – by Frkn64

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Visit the Steam Workshop page for more information and pictures about the mod.
• Compatible with all Trucks.
• New light flares.
• More vibrant colored lights.
• Realistic light reflections to floor;

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• No bugs.
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Don’t change the link while sharing this mod on other sites!
Don’t edit the mod files without my permission!
If you do these, a copyright infringement will be reported to the relevant authority.

Frkn64 Modding


4 thoughts on “Improved Vehicle Lights v 1.8 – by Frkn64

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

  2. Hello.
    Have issues with fkares. I use promods and realistick graohicks so above or behind rgaphick thus flarepack goes on load order?

  3. This mod, after downloading does not show on my ingame modlist.

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