Rutas Mortales v 1.6 – Dangerous Roads Map

1 download the file
2 extract in documents/Euro Truck simulator 2/mods
3 change the gameplay to deadly routes
4 play!

1 add 4 new cities (total 19)
2 FIX bugs
3 completely rebuilt map
4 optimize to version 1.27 & 1.26
5 like, If you want to grow the map
6 added new dangerous roads

!!!respect the link of autor!!!

Rodrigo Crocco


25 thoughts on “Rutas Mortales v 1.6 – Dangerous Roads Map

  1. ThommyLee

    NOT compatible with version . . .

  2. The map is NOT compatible with game version !!!!!!!


  4. NOT compatible to 1.27.xx

  5. Not compatible with version 1.27.xx

  6. How do I make it serve because it says not compatible and I have version 1.27

  7. You can fix that by removing the manifest files, open the mod with WinRar and just delete them.
    Even so, the mod doesn’t seem to work, game freezes during loading screen.
    I think Rodrigo Crocco has a pirated version of the game, he didn’t even tested on 1.27.x version…

  8. Prime Games

    Not compatible with version 1.27.xx

  9. @ hulk

    no even on Pirated version it dont work.
    Tested it on
    Pirated 1.26 and 1.27

    All dont work.. I also tried to edit the manifest but keeps hanging on loading screen…
    Maybe its a 1.25 version but i dont roll back that much just for this

  10. Hi there, I also am getting the red inactive msg this mod is not compatible are you able to look into this as I would really like to play this map, thanking you in advance, and I did open with WinRar and only file there is a scs file no manifest files

  11. you also have said “change the gameplay to deadly routes” how does one change this and where?


    crashhh 1.27

  13. Not compatible with version 1.27.xx, this is not map , this is south korea map

  14. Alberto florentino

    Not compatible with version 1.27.xx

  15. Thanks Rodrigo Croco 😀
    Is this suitable for V1.26 ?? Please reply: D

  16. Why havent you still done it for 1.27? :c

  17. essa porra nao esta aberta pra down

  18. baloo8888

    Buenas: En 1.26.x no funciona

  19. file not found

  20. alguem sabe atualizar esse mapa pra verssa 1.28?

  21. breiner nieto

    Por favor actualiselon para 1.30 por favor

  22. Andre Luiz

    Olá amigos, eu atualizei o mapa para 1.30, se muitos estiverem interessados eu solto o mapa no meu canal no youtube assim que ele estiver finalizado, pois estou resolvendo os últimos bugs.
    Abraço a todos e feliz ano novo!

    1. Olá amigo, você tem uma data aproximada para lançar o mapa? obrigado pelo seu esforço

  23. jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj+working+on+6.0+version

  24. ets2 lover

    working on 6.0 version 😀

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