Improved Weather Reload R5.5.3 Alpha


– reduce the intensity of illumination at night, HDR minor changes.
– Fixed time the weather changes during the day. from 11 to 16 increased brightness and reduced yellowness, mangled shadow.
– Fixed sunset and sunrise.


DOWNLOAD 59 KB [sharemods]

16 thoughts on “Improved Weather Reload R5.5.3 Alpha

  1. Add full version. not only fix!

    1. i see….Thanks

  2. 1xmichaelx1

    amazing job!

  3. Don’t work…Crash’s my game, v1.16.2

  4. zbyszek300

    Hi, this mod gives red sky hahahaha. I tested a new profile with no changes. Other forums also describe the case.

    1. Thank you, zbyszek300!

  5. This is only a fix for your main download. Textures are missing. Russians servers only… pfff.

  6. I support! BlackOpen, be thou a good boy. Your work is always the best.Do not let me down!!! 🙂

    1. Thank you also, CrysS8!

    2. this is invalid version, need 5.5

  7. zbyszek300

    For proper operation of the module package is needed Improved Weather Reload R5 which works well in Version 1,16,2. I mean charge mod Improved Weather Reload R5.5.3 Alpha and Improved Weather Reload R5 yea install mod folder in the game modes and is ok.

    1. How to understand this? It seems that I must have this
      and that?


  8. sat_komando

    Is this compatible with brutal environment 1.16?

  9. Dodgerdude

    This works fine with 1.16.2 with loads of mods and i mean loads all jazzy cats traffic n truck packs plus 50 50 mods plus real physics plus my oldest mod jano textures plus many more …tsm with russia map …as per always great mod and with 64bit peformance has gone through the roof ..cnat wait till IWR 6 keep up[ the great work i have said before IMO this is by far the best graphics mod out there….koudos to the magnificent modders

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