Improved Weather Reload r5.5.4


Changelog in vr5.5.4(alpha):

– Edits night lighting in the rain, the general illumination correction.
– Reworked lighting in the morning and evening, gray shadows, reduce the color intensity.
– Increased mist in the morning and evening, customized color.
– New effect of the sun and halo setting for him. Hardly noticeable, but there is.



10 thoughts on “Improved Weather Reload r5.5.4

  1. how to install ?? sorry im rocky..

  2. Nimeni.Altu

    the fog begin after 10:30AM.. instead to be from when the morning begin and until 8 am…
    can you put more blue color in the morning and more pink color in the evening/sunset???
    in the middle of tha day to be green with yellow
    at least try it for yourself, but please make a mod like that, PLEASE!!!!!

  3. I get a red sky…
    I do got a realistic rain mod though, might be the cause.

  4. Stop to reupload mods RESPECT download links

  5. fake

    Real mod is hundreds of MB not 6MB!

    Do not download anything on sharemods uploaded by this guy (AlexXplo)!

    1. So, who owns the real mod? I’d like to have it

  6. works wiht TSM ?

  7. Hello BlackOpen and thanks for the best weather mod. just please, fix compatibily with EAA 2.0 (Map of Brazil)actualy is crashed because this map overwhite some file in ” nice.sii “

  8. amazing weather mod….good job and thX

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