Improved weather v1.3.2


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Improves sunrise and sunset adds . 5 options .
Gamma – Configured for vcey weather.
Four species – night , full moon , new moon and clear and cloudy .
– Three kinds of rain: strong ( default ) , Medium, and overcast .
– Eight kinds of clear weather during the day : Clear , cloudy, dark
clouds .
Reduced – day Bloom effect .
– Added fog in the morning.
– Improved headlights .

1. Lighting options with game color correction to display properly you
must enable color correction in the game settings.
2. Added shadows from the clouds. Thank Atak_Snajpera
3. Small fixes and improvements

Version game: 1.9.22,


DOWNLOAD 16 MB uploadfile
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18 thoughts on “Improved weather v1.3.2

  1. This Looks Amazing

  2. I try it

  3. It has too much fog in sunrise and violet in the sunset. Moreover you improved headlights too much. This lighting points/flares in headlights are top much powerfull. IMHO the best version of your mod was 1.2 except of a little bit too much pinkness in sunsets and sunrise.

    With Sniper’s Attack (Atak Snajpera in polish) you could make amazing weather and lighting mod, but you are individualist.

  4. Nice mod to see, when i watch the video i would give as suggestion if you wanna improve this mod : less violet/pink/purple in sunset, more orange yellow red, google how most sunsets look and try to get those colors.

    i know there are places you do have your sunsets, but the suggestion of more red-orange-yellow compared to pink-purple-violet less is i think something like little more

    It is very bright.

    The headlights Tom is talking about i dont know, i only give suggestion based on the video 😉

    Hope you have something useful of this so you can improve/change it 😉

    But respect for a very good mod.


    very beautiful 😀

  6. Work tsm or pro mod 1.60??

  7. Look so Awesome!
    – Best Weather VIEW!
    – Thanks!

  8. para mim esta otimo….the best….
    o dia agora mostra as sombras das nuvens…achei perfeito….parabens…….happy…
    só fiz um mod do trovao….
    o chao ficou com muito brilho…alguns carros estao parece flutuando, mas o mod é bom demais….ainda nao vi o sol brilhar….nota 10.

  9. albandi43

    Awesome :OO

  10. FlyingFrenchman

    In TSM the map stops in Europe, no possibility to see south europe and north africa

    1. true, it crushing the game!!!

    2. remingtonh

      Get rename it from zzzImproved_weather_1_3_2.scs to Improved_weather_1_3_2.scs and it’ll work fine. (remove the three Zs from the beginning.

  11. AustriaAmazing

    TSM MAP Zoom error

  12. remingtonh

    To make it work with TSM, rename it from zzzImproved_weather_1_3_2.scs to Improved_weather_1_3_2.scs and it’ll work fine. (remove the three Zs from the beginning.

  13. NON_STEAM_Player

    This mod CORRUPT the save game, after a while the game will crush continuesly! DONT Play it!!!! i played 3hours on this mod and then i removed the mod and my game still crush every time………


  14. GenericName

    Ugh, why the night time is so short… Why is the day time starting at 3am? why the night starts at 23pm, so many questions, that’s the only reason i don’t use this mod… (yes ocd ftw) i know the files are not locked but i’m to dumb to modify them…

  15. You know what BlackOpen? I return to 1.2, because somethimes the best is the enemy of the good.

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