Scania R500 V8 Sound SimoSchmitz


Another mod of scania v8 hope you like it. The mod is available to
anyone who wanted to make it better and then is free to do it is
important to mention me. I do not have a chance to do a test video
posted it on youtube anyone can safely leave it in the comments.

I ask all the skins modders in case they want to make a skin of the
firm Brugioni for the trucks and for trailers i leave the photos in
the description I would be very grateful.



15 thoughts on “Scania R500 V8 Sound SimoSchmitz

    1. simoschmitz

      Alright thank you.

  1. bellissimo..

    1. simoschmitz

      Ciao Grazie.

  2. The sound is great but there is a problem when using manual gearbox; the loop is not seamless and therefore it seems like you are changing gears when you’re not. It’s “broken” would say, needs more work but could be the best sound mod so far.

    1. simoschmitz

      Hi I understand what you mean exactly for this reason I have also written description that anyone who wanted to make it better if you can do it the sound is perfect the problem that when you travel you get the impression that changing gears until I have more time to work on the alternative is to have music in the background to make us more realistic Thanks for the comment bye.

    2. I have the same

  3. Trucker Melli

    wieso stürzt mein spiel ab ? ist es nicht für version 1.9.22???

    1. simoschmitz

      Yes work on 1.9.22 bye.

  4. mod work 50k’s scania 2008 ?

  5. sound for scania R2009 ?

  6. Mine doesn’t work either, I have the v8 SCS sound,but not the exhaust sound.

  7. perchè a me non va?..dopo aver scelto la città mi si blocca..

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