In Memory of WTC Combo Pack

In-Memory-of-WTC-Combo-Pack-1 In-Memory-of-WTC-Combo-Pack-2

In Memory of WTC 2 Skins for Scania T Truck and 2 Trailers

Author: Rodgau


3 thoughts on “In Memory of WTC Combo Pack

  1. I miss the towers :´( NEVER FORGET! But the Mod looks good!

    1. KingScania

      I dont think its appropriate. I would never go ahead, and make a VIRTUAL reminder of such a tragedy. My dad and i lost a lot of buddies there.

      1. Everyone who was involde in that i’m sure would be thankful for this trailer mod. We lost many people,firefighters and more. Every year I have A BBQ to remember those who has lost loved ones and for our Public safety. The saying “NEVER FORGET” is saying for A reason. Thank you for A great Mod

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