Increased Traffic Density


Increased Traffic Density v 1.9.x
I have created this mod which would increase the traffic in game, hence enhancing your gaming experience.This have been tested with v 1.9.6 and works fine

Author: Murshid4Gaming


66 thoughts on “Increased Traffic Density

  1. Traffic density should be various not increased to increase gaming experience ! i mean it should be different depending on night and day for example or day of the week ! and places !!

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      Dear Hicham, in this mod you would see traffic density greater in the day as compared to the night, as well as even in the day , at morning and evening there would be a lot of traffic.

      Hope this mod doesn’t affect your desired gameplay,sorry if it does..

      1. No, if it gonna be that way, good !! nice !! thx for reply

        1. Murshid4Gaming

          Well, it is.You would see it when you use this mod, the traffic would not be high at all the times, As i said it depends on the time on random…

  2. WERE IS THE PATCH 1.9.6???? ….NO one can help THE NON STEAM PLAYERS!?????? …….and we need the CD-KEY for THE DLC! ….not a CRACK but a #### SERIAL for DLC!!!! … email is [email protected]! …please someone HELP ME!!!

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      Dear Non Steam User,
      A working serial key will not at all be available in net unless you purchase it, and the serial keys which needed survey for downloading are all fake and there is no use in downloading it. We are really sorry for it..
      Only crack would be available and that would work well with the game..

      We have a trick that would let bypassing the serial key, but only it is compatible with the base game but not with the DLC’s..

      Sorry for that, Patch v1.9.6 public beta is available from today and only for legal steam users having their unique product key.

      You may contact in my email for more info,

      1. i have the serial for the game but i dont have any serial for DLC, …but thanks anyway! …at least you try to help! …

        1. ClassicDutchTrucker

          Dude, it’s only €7.41 here:

          Don’t be so difficult!

        2. ClassicDutchTrucker

          That’s probably the best shop to buy it, indeed.

        3. I’ve buy the game in steam for 4e , you don’t buy this game and you are not happy ? ###

    2. Its TOTALLY unfair to non steam#

      1. Murshid4Gaming

        Dear Antony, this update is not a final release and is just beta opened for public so that if found any errors they could fix it and release the final version which would be available to non steam users…
        There is no less priority or something like that , it is just for testing purpose

  3. Very nice mod Murshid4Gaming +1

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      Thanks Fred be for your compliment, i am still working on it and if God bless v1.1 would be released soon…

  4. Thanks for this mod Murshid4Gaming ! 😉

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      Welcome rene 6442. Please download my v1.1 when it will be released..You may even say if any bug persists in this mod..

  5. +1
    Thanksz, worksz perfect

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      Welcome pallmall. Hope my mod increased your gaming experience…

  6. ClassicDutchTrucker

    Good job man! It add’s a bit more challenging experience to the game! 😀

    I’ve also made a video:

    1. renaulthater

      thank you

      1. Murshid4Gaming

        Reanulthater , this mod will surely work with 1.9.8, i am going to release v1.1 with more traffic.i will give the link soon…

      2. Murshid4Gaming

        v1.1 is released
        Check for Adaptive Increased Traffic Mod
        [ AITM © v1.1 ]

    2. Murshid4Gaming

      Thanks DutchTrucker for the Video, its really great.Hope you would make other video for my second mod too..

      1. ClassicDutchTrucker

        Will do =)

        1. Murshid4Gaming

          V1.1 would be released within hours,with more fun and realistic experience…and some bug fixes too..

          1. renaulthater

            1.9.8 has been release so I hope your mod will workk

        2. Murshid4Gaming

          Adaptive Increased Traffic Mod [ AITM © v1.1 ] is the next version of my mod, please if you could make a video that would be a great help.

  7. Rumpelstiltskin

    But, I bought the ETS2 DVD back in 2012 from Amazon, so, why should I use steam.

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      Deat rumpelstiltskin, you could use your unique serial code in steam and then download the game from it, so you would get a better gaming experience…

  8. you can give the serial to me if you really want! …i really apreciate you man!….now i wait for the ATS….my email is [email protected],….i know exist and GOOD man in this world, …..other people dont give up not even 1cent! …..just thank you! …..i really need the serial for DLC…i dont want to use THE CRACK!

    1. Shees, ID10T

  9. If You want to lock yourself out…


    Pirating Software is gonna hurt yourself.
    And you can get ETS2 for a ridiculous low price regularly.

    1. Anti-Piracy

      How is that any different from pirating the game?
      I hope SCS block that serial so you morons can’t play. Just buy the freaking game, even the poorest of you can surely afford a >10€ dlc.

      1. WeAreThePoorest

        Think again, youre not only man livin on this planet, there’s still other people those cant afford like “hey i wanna buy that game, this my money” in other country

    2. …thank you!!!!!

  10. Thanks for mod!

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      welcome wegger for your compliments…

  11. Can somone please help me i am stuck on the m6 approaching the m1 intersection in a big traffic jam that tails back along way ive been waiting for the cars and trucks to move for ten minutes is this due to a accident. On the m1 to london or will it be the volume of traffic? Guys i need to get to my delivery in dover or im gona get pennalised and it cost money

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      Well that is not a bug, it may be caused due to an ai traffic accident or the confusion of the traffic at intersection. Ets 2 new update changes the ai code entirely, which adds realistic driving experience to it.. sorry if it had cost you time and penalty..Anyway i am uploading my second version nearly, will see if that think persists in that too..

      1. Thank you i finaly got free and moving again delivery was late but i guess realistic thanks murshid

        1. Murshid4Gaming

          Welcome my dear friend, I am going to release new version 1.1 soon, which would be more better than this..

  12. Nickbum1rus

    Чем отличается от предыдущего?

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      Dear Nickbum1rus,
      Sorry i could not answer it in russian, both these mods are different..The other mod is posted by another user named [H4rdC0r3] and that mod is nearly 1 kb and mine is 2.68 kb. I havent seen that mod otherwise i would have uploaded my mod with other name.sorry for it..

  13. I have steam and I just downloaded it again and im still 1.825 how come I got no update

    1. You will find the 1.9 update in the branch “public_beta” on Steam (Library -> right click on ETS2 -> Properties -> Betas -> select public_beta)

    2. Murshid4Gaming

      Please follow gnitto , mr rcnckram , it would update your version to the latest game, you could get back when to the original retail version at any time…


    1. Murshid4Gaming

      Dear admin, sorry if the users have posted the serial keys here in the comment, kindly please delete the comments if it consists of serial key..Thanks for acknowledgement..

  15. I am a NON steam user. I dont know HOW to use steam i have both ETS2 and DLC disc and serial keys. Any idea on public normal release

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      Go to steam community website, and then download steam app which is less than a mb.After downloading it add the game using serial key ,there is an option in it.. Enter the serial code, if that code is legal it will show a certificate and start downloading..wait for a while and start playing…

  16. Hey buddy good mod. But van you give more info on the flow of the traffic please?:) It should be like in night time from 2000 to 6:00 should be less AI. Like very few

    And in afternoon it should be like traffic etc 😉

    Waiting for 1.1 🙂

  17. Where Can I Download v1.1

    1. buy a game.. you get 1.1 …

      OR google may be your friend too..

      1. I Have Brought The Game. I Meant v1.1 Of This Mod.

        1. aa my mistake 🙂

    2. Murshid4Gaming

      Dear Beth, i have uploaded it in the site and at any time it would be open to all the users.Please wait fir it, sorry for the inconvenience…

      1. Ok 🙂

  18. Murshid4Gaming

    Beth, please check for Adaptive Increased Traffic Mod [ AITM © v1.1 ]
    in this site, If god bless it would come within an hour or so..Waiting for the site’s permission..

    1. renaulthater

      When you submit your mod you have to wait some hours before they will make it available. It goes through a processing stage.

      1. Murshid4Gaming is my new mod’s link, you could download it if it is worth for downloading..

  19. Deputydawg

    This mod is the same as the one found at The size difference is because he added 2 1mb pics to make the size bigger.

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      Dear Deputy Dawg, please check the size of scs file too i mean just the scs, you would see there is a change in file sizes of both..Please check at least twice before commenting anything against someone…

    2. Murshid4Gaming

      And for your convenience i have mentioned in the readme file that i have thanked other users who have uploaded these kind of mods where i got the ideas to make myself one..

  20. is there anychance of adding lollipop women and men or putting pedestrian crossing into it?

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