Increasing Fuel Tank Capacity v 1.2 [1.31.x–1.32.x]

This mod add more fuel for chassis with small fuel tanks!
(example: 6×2 , 6×2/4 , 6×4 , 8×4)

Tested on 1.31.x version.


-Now compatible with Scania R&S by RJL!

Requires higher priority in Mod Manager than Scania R&S by RJL to work properly!

If you share this mod, please use the original download link!

Thank you for downloading.
Enjoy 🙂



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5 thoughts on “Increasing Fuel Tank Capacity v 1.2 [1.31.x–1.32.x]

    1. JustMartO

      nope it is not

    2. Box Dei La Biblia

      rokero, is always copy mod’s chassis, motors, tanks Etc., that is not new
      Rokero, ist immer Kopie mod Chassis, Motoren, Tanks usw., die nicht neu istrokero,
      siempre se robo mod`s de chassis , motores , tanques Ets ,eso no es nuevo

    3. Человек, никто не копировать что-то так просто, это просто вопрос открытия Def и шасси, изменения и теперь это!
      nobody copy something so simple, it’s just a matter of opening the Def and the chassis, you modify and now this!

  1. Vidanja Marius

    Yur mum gey

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