Increasing Mass Trailer Heavy Cargo For Multiplayer

1) trailer mass:
– Default mass
– 90Ton
– 125 Ton
– 150 Ton
– 175 Ton
– 200 Ton
2) Increase Trailers
3) All DLC Heavy Cargo trailers in a mod

* Requirements: DLC Heavy Cargo



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32 Responses to Increasing Mass Trailer Heavy Cargo For Multiplayer

  1. mohamad hadi says:

    thank you Mr.LionHassan.Z 😐

  2. Ramin98 says:

    عالیه داش حسن خسته نباشی

  3. Mohamadhadi2016 says:

    thank you ❤❤

  4. juranci says:

    muito bom

  5. juranci says:


  6. juranci says:


  7. Mr.LionHassan.Z says:

    Thank you all ❤❤❤

  8. bauuuu says:

    mi piaceee

  9. scottish bloke says:

    Thankyou. could you make a 1ton version so i can go fast?

  10. Blahtel says:

    It would be nice if can use all at the same time instead of having to choose just one

  11. christophe says:

    this mod is not working in multiplayer,
    i have tried several tonnages and only 1 mod is active
    im getting error messages
    am i doing something wrong?

  12. Alain65 says:

    Ne fonctionne pas avec TruckersMP
    Does not work with TruckersMP

  13. christophe says:

    iff it does works can you give a detailed explenation on how to use it?
    also my friend installed it and picked up a trailer from the mod in single and tried it in a no collision zone on multiplayer and he can not drive trough the other trailers he gets damaged from it,normally you can drive trough them

  14. Mr.LionHassan.Z says:

    Like other Mods
    Take your weight default

    • christophe says:

      so correct me iff im wrong,
      only 1 mod should be active?
      and do i have to install the mod on the multiplayer?
      because im still having issues

  15. Mr.LionHassan.Z says:

    Only one of the mods enable

  16. yetiş says:


  17. benz says:

    pls make 0 ton in MP

  18. KingEagle says:

    داش حسن عالیهههههه خیلی گشتم دنبال مد اینطورییییییییی 🙂

  19. Ash says:

    you’ll need to pick up the trailer in Single player before going on mp

  20. Ashley says:

    Guys you need to pick up a trailer in SP before going on MP

  21. kleiber jesus diaz ramos says:

    A question like do you make it mod tons? I did one of 125t but at the time of entering the mp I do not get the trailer sends me to the garage

  22. Chupete says:

    A question like do you make tons mods? Is that I did a 125t with the trailer of the base game I take my load in the sp and I enter the mp and I do not get the trailer sends me to the base garage will be that you can help me

  23. Mr.LionHassan.Z says:

    Mod re-checked

  24. Mr.LionHassan.Z says:

    If needed
    The new version will be released

  25. Mr.LionHassan.Z says:

    Other mod is not active
    Is activated one a mod

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