Increasing Mass Trailer Heavy Cargo For Multiplayer

1) trailer mass:
– Default mass
– 90Ton
– 125 Ton
– 150 Ton
– 175 Ton
– 200 Ton
2) Increase Trailers
3) All DLC Heavy Cargo trailers in a mod

* Requirements: DLC Heavy Cargo



34 thoughts on “Increasing Mass Trailer Heavy Cargo For Multiplayer

  1. mohamad hadi

    thank you Mr.LionHassan.Z 😐

  2. عالیه داش حسن خسته نباشی

  3. Mohamadhadi2016

    thank you ❤❤

  4. muito bom

  5. bom

  6. otimo

  7. parabems

  8. Mr.LionHassan.Z

    Thank you all ❤❤❤

  9. 😀

  10. mi piaceee

  11. scottish bloke

    Thankyou. could you make a 1ton version so i can go fast?

    1. Mr.LionHassan.Z

      Coming Soon

  12. It would be nice if can use all at the same time instead of having to choose just one

    1. Mr.LionHassan.Z

      Thank you ❤

  13. christophe

    this mod is not working in multiplayer,
    i have tried several tonnages and only 1 mod is active
    im getting error messages
    am i doing something wrong?

    1. Mr.LionHassan.Z

      Has been tested
      In multiplayer works

  14. Ne fonctionne pas avec TruckersMP
    Does not work with TruckersMP

    1. Mr.LionHassan.Z

      Has been tested
      In multiplayer works

  15. christophe

    iff it does works can you give a detailed explenation on how to use it?
    also my friend installed it and picked up a trailer from the mod in single and tried it in a no collision zone on multiplayer and he can not drive trough the other trailers he gets damaged from it,normally you can drive trough them

  16. Mr.LionHassan.Z

    Like other Mods
    Take your weight default

    1. christophe

      so correct me iff im wrong,
      only 1 mod should be active?
      and do i have to install the mod on the multiplayer?
      because im still having issues

  17. Mr.LionHassan.Z

    Only one of the mods enable

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  19. pls make 0 ton in MP

  20. KingEagle

    داش حسن عالیهههههه خیلی گشتم دنبال مد اینطورییییییییی 🙂

  21. you’ll need to pick up the trailer in Single player before going on mp

  22. Guys you need to pick up a trailer in SP before going on MP

  23. kleiber jesus diaz ramos

    A question like do you make it mod tons? I did one of 125t but at the time of entering the mp I do not get the trailer sends me to the garage

  24. A question like do you make tons mods? Is that I did a 125t with the trailer of the base game I take my load in the sp and I enter the mp and I do not get the trailer sends me to the base garage will be that you can help me

  25. Mr.LionHassan.Z

    Mod re-checked

  26. Mr.LionHassan.Z

    If needed
    The new version will be released

  27. Mr.LionHassan.Z

    Other mod is not active
    Is activated one a mod

  28. make it for singleplayer plz!

  29. plz add for singleplayer!

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