Indian Volvo Bus mod with Skins of Volvo B7R, B9R, B11R + Passengers

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This is the updated mod and contains Indian Volvo buses of famous operators from all over India such as VRL, Kesineni, KSRTC, SRS, Konduskar, MSRTC, KPN, RSRTC and many more new skins!
3 separate mods so that no need to change skins.

Also contains passenger mod to transport passengers.

Tested on versions – 1.18 , 1.19, 1.20, 1.21, 1.22 and 1.23.

All instructions to enable the mod inside.

Author: Bus Modders India United


55 Responses to Indian Volvo Bus mod with Skins of Volvo B7R, B9R, B11R + Passengers

  1. Rohan Ail says:

    oh wow Indian volvo bus?
    I cant believe this?
    I am downloading it right away!
    Thanks for this mod..
    Hope it works fine..
    Greetings from India..
    Also looking for Indian maps with realistic difficult roads!
    Will be looking for your hard works..
    Thanks alot for the volvo bus..
    keep uploading more exciting mods like this..
    Will leave a feed back after my experience.. ciao.. πŸ™‚

    • ronal parmar says:

      hey i download that bus modes but i cant find any bus in truck showroom. is there any procedure for enable bus modes. please tell me. if i add new mode then my old game not sign in.

    • Vighnesh says:

      How should we download the Indian volvo mods can u send a link

    • Subrahmanya Sharma says:

      Bro but not came to my mobile
      Plzzz how to use that one Plzzz tell me

  2. Bus Modders India United says:

    Thanks a lot for your kind words πŸ™‚ we’ll be definitely making more Indian mods in the future. Don’t forget to check out our Facelifted volvo bus mod πŸ™‚ cheers.

    • Rohan Ail says:

      My experience driving the volvo!

      I appreciate your hard work and thank you for this mod.
      I know its difficult to create mods.
      overall the volvo feels great but has some small bugs like the left side of the wiper is soo tiny (6 inch πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ ) lol but from outside the wiper looks fine and works fine as well.
      Also the skin for the volvo are very less.. there are hardly 7 to 8 approx skins.. 4×2 chassis doesnt work! (as you have also mentioned in your instruction page).
      No personal customization or cabin accessories , hence we are forced to use the company’s skin. The Indian volvo head lights are black when the lights are off which gives a wild look but in this mod the volvo head lamps are transparent looking cheesy!
      But overall i am satisfied and love it..

      Thank you and keep upload this kinda great mods, waiting for new updates from you bro..

      • Bus Modders India United says:

        Hi! Thanks for your feedback. A couple of points, this Volvo bus has two models, Select and Luxury. The select version has black headlamps(indian style) and the luxury one has the crystal lens lamps. The 4×2 chassis doesn’t work in the Select version, it works in the luxury version. Plus, there are total 3 mods, and each mod has 5 skins for Select version and 10 skins for Luxury version (I couldn’t just upload 10 different mods so moved majority of the skins to luxury version to restrict it to 3 mods). So there are total of 45 skins (some are just concepts). We know that there are a few bugs and less customization options, but that will be sorted out in the future mods πŸ™‚

    • nick says:

      dude can you please indian merc travego buses and scania metrolink buses for ets 2 as well as all all 3 models for ats
      i sent a message to you via youtube message
      ie gmail
      my name nick plays hs

    • RAJASHEKHAR G says:

      Pls make a scania metrolink (Indian version) mod with KSRTC skin for ets2…

  3. Sujay says:

    please tell the procedure to intall indian mods in ETS2.

  4. BalkanPro says:

    Please make Indian Dangerous roads!Great mod btw…

    • Bus Modders India United says:

      Thanks πŸ™‚

      • Rohan Ail says:

        @BUSMODDERSINDIAUNITED: please make Indian map with crazy driving experience.
        Thank you.

        • Bus Modders India United says:

          Map mods consume a lot of resources. We will be making vehicle mods and a few easy mods as of now. But map mods will soon follow after that.

          • Apoorv Pal says:

            I do await your map mod! By the way amazing work on the Horn and bus mod. Actually I have a suggestion for the horn mod, i have seen that Indian Volvos use electronic multiple horn selectors and change their horn sounds regularly(this intrigued me at first), any way you could implement this into Euro Truck Sim 2?

  5. shoaib says:

    bro my game euro truck simulator 2 all .cars Truck mods
    Trailer mods
    Interior mods
    Interior addons
    Parts/Tuning mods
    AI traffic
    Sound mods
    Truck Skins
    Combo skin packs

    .mods not play
    please help me
    my game not play mods

  6. MatthewS says:

    Hi! Great Job! This mod’s working great! Can I ask you on one question? Where’s thirth skin of bus on the picture, plz? -with ladie and headphones, I mean. πŸ™‚ Thx for answer! Have a great day.

  7. Meet Rathod says:

    I am unable to find buses at Volvo dealer in London. Can you please guide me ? I even installed mods as per your instructions as shown in video. Yet I’m unable to find any of the mod. Thank You.

    • Bus Modders India United says:

      Hi, make sure that according to the video, the ‘order’ of the mods too is correct in the mod manager. And if you are not above level 15, I suggest that you download a profile from the net and use that instead. Load the game once to the gameplay and then go to the online dealer.

      • vinit says:

        Awesome mod but it doesn’t work on 1.15.1 plz make it compatible great work BMIU ..waiting for a positive reply ..I coundnot Download latest version so plz make this mod compatible with 1.15.1

      • mahesh says:

        please create a indian map bro…

  8. Raisul Islam says:

    where to find the buses ??

    • Adeesh says:

      Go to the Volvo Truck dealer in Luxemberg, you can find the truck there

  9. Khayyum says:

    For Authors : can you make this mod on Mercedes Busses in india operators?

  10. Mayur Patil says:

    Hey bro..awesome work there can u please give the scania mods too..those look awesome..i saw it on twitter

  11. parag says:

    I can’t find the buses in London Volvo dealer .Can I find the truck in other Volvo dealer

  12. Sukumar says:

    guys help me to solve the issues,, steering is not working, how to solve it?

  13. Arun Theandrioder says:

    Can anyone please say me on which country the mod will be working? Since iam not able to find it in London Volvo truck dealer

  14. Apoorv Pal says:

    The mod is amazing and even the horn mod is amazing…but please do make an Indian map with the good national highways, rough roads, unpaved roads, speed breakers, diversions, potholes etc. Make it as realistic as possible……I am willing to learn and help if necessary.

  15. Anav wankar says:

    After the installation part……where will i get those volvo buses. I also went to volvo shop but there was no bus.pls help me out

  16. Anav wankar says:

    After the installation part .Where will i get those volvo buses.I also went to volvo shop but there was no bus in there.pls help me out

  17. naimul says:


  18. petrosol says:

    I am trying to use this Mods in ETS 2 1.26 but it crashed my ETS2, PLease provide the same suppport to ETS 1.26.

  19. Mahendra Chaudhary says:

    Hello my name is mahendra Chaudhary
    I have downloaded Indian Volvo bus mod
    It was properly working on ets2 1.23
    But after updating ets2 to 1.27
    The mod get crash
    Please can you update the mod which is capatible with ets2 1.27

  20. Jacek says:

    Huge thanks for this mod. This is the only passenger mod that works for me (ETS2 1.27.X). Needs improvement, but does great job. Thanks alot!

  21. yogi says:

    How to download this game I love it

  22. anurodh says:

    where do we find volvo bus in ets2..i didnotfound anybuses after installing this mod

  23. keshav says:

    i want one game

  24. Real Trucker says:

    For. v1.30

  25. Chinmay says:

    It crashes my game. Any solutions??

  26. Baba Patil says:

    I love this game so much.


    I love game so much

  28. Shravan Hiremath says:

    I have downloaded the mods and added them but the steering is not working what to do please help me…

  29. Shravan Hiremath says:

    In the mod bus steering is not working what to do?? Please help me

  30. satish badiger says:

    i have extracted the mods and copied to mod folder. also enabled the mods in game but later when i try to turn on the game the game crashes. what should i do? please help out

  31. Syed Tauseef says:

    can you please share and procedures to download mod for Indian Volvo bus and also steps to keep in mind.


  32. Anandh says:

    i alll ready set the mods but not working

  33. Shahzad Ahmad says:

    Hi games

  34. Shahzad Ahmad says:


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