Indonesia Taste trailer skins


Thank.s so much to:-Streetsurfer1962
-Apferreira truckman
-Matdom1988 for the nice trailer.
version 1.15.1 or +++

Bdoel. Trailer By-Streetsurfer1962 -Apferreira truckman -Kamaz -Matdom1988


9 Responses to Indonesia Taste trailer skins

  1. kamuka says:

    The download is not possible, i dont want to download ilivid… or something similar advertisment. Can you upload it to another site?

  2. darnellm09 says:

    Thanks for the other link Bdoel,I wanted to try out these trailers but I didn’t trust that site either, I don’t want all that other #### on my PC, Mediafire is my trusted site!

  3. warfreak says:

    can you make it standalone pls…………

  4. Raka says:

    Kereeeennn Bruuhh…. 😀

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