Inerior Cabin Lights

Mod updated, added support for New Gen Scania S and R
Fixed colors, light fadeout.

Can work on old ETS2 version and 1.30 too.


DOWNLOAD 281 KB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 281 KB [Uploadfiles]

4 thoughts on “Inerior Cabin Lights

  1. how do these work as I have tried all interior lights and I can’t get them to work does it have to be left hand drive or do they work on right hand drive aswell


    Does it working on all trucks ? And what colors are in?

  3. Like every single Interior Light I’ve ever downloaded, this #### doesn’t work, at least on the Scania S, v1.30.

    Why publish a mod without doing the most minimal thing of checking that it works?!

  4. Setup beacon lights for trucks except Renault Premium – this truck don’t support beacon lights by default.
    Support ONLY SCS default trucks.

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