Interior Addon By Wooli v1.4.2 – ETS2 1.43


Work with all SCS and reworked trucks (EU+UK) how support the new cabin DLC.

And also with some standalone trucks

– also all Scania RJL; MP2+MP3 and Black Edition by Dotec; MAN TGX 2020 by HBB Store; MAN TGX Euro 6 by Madster; MAN TGX 2015 by Gloover; Ford F-Max by Emre Aydın, Bertan Baday, SimülasyonTÜRK, SiSL

!!!You need Cabin DLC from SCS for this mod!!!

For the best result, use the tables by Racing: Truck Tables by Racing




3 thoughts on “Interior Addon By Wooli v1.4.2 – ETS2 1.43

  1. 🤣 Wooli……Wolli you thief!

  2. what a #####

  3. J. Souilljee

    don’t judge before checking people.
    The link brings you to the actual creator’s forum topic of this mod

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