Interior for Rjl (1.24) update 2


This is a full 3D interior for the Scania Rjl 1.5.2

WORK ONLY ON 1.24 !!!!

Pcs modding


10 thoughts on “Interior for Rjl (1.24) update 2

  1. Should make this work for 1.25..would be nice

  2. dirk marien

    ja wäre gut wenn es für 1.25 wäre

  3. 1.25 please!

  4. magnus jensen

    hey can you please make it for 1.25 i would love this interior 🙂

  5. hoelzel48

    Please vor RJL 2.0 Game 1.25

  6. 1.25 please

    make it 1.25 please please

  7. kennifc1994

    if you could update it for 1.25 and rjl 2.0 then i definetly download it and use it for my truck

  8. Tcabber25

    does it work on a t cab?

  9. hoelzel48

    can you make it for the new RJL Please??

  10. Please 1.28 !!

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