Interior for Scania 2016 S and R V2

Interiors for Scania 2016 SR Highcab and Normalcab
there are 2 variants and 1 V8 with red or blue chrome interiors
without replacement. The interiors are visible in external view.
1 customized Raven interior backlight DLC is not needed.
There are 2 files use only one High or Normalcab.



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3 thoughts on “Interior for Scania 2016 S and R V2

  1. Hello,
    sorry there went anything wrong here is the file for Normalcab

  2. Thank you for your work, it looks very good from the outside, it makes it real but I ask you, why do you change the clock frame ??? can you leave the original ???

    1. Thanks, i think its look better, btw. this mod works with other interior mods that only change dds files and you see it outside.

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