Interior Lights Animated by Darken-B v 0.5 BETA

Interior-Lights-Animated-3 Interior-Lights-Animated-2 Interior-Lights-Animated-1

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Tested on 1.23.3.x

Author: by Darken-B


8 Responses to Interior Lights Animated by Darken-B v 0.5 BETA


    cyan and pink please ?

  2. zoso says:

    Friend thanks for the update.
    It is not correct to block the mod not blocked by other authors
    This is an old mod, and you should also add the original author
    I can unlock and reload

  3. jonathan says:


  4. jako2016 says:

    messes up all in cab animations!!

  5. Zizu says:

    Why the wheel locks up when connected in this fashion?

  6. lacika says:

    Which button to turn ?

  7. ETS2 Zocker says:

    V 1.24 Funktioniert er nur Teilweise.
    Im Innenraum Verschwindet das Lenkrad beim spiel Start, direkt nach der Aktivierung im Mod Ordner!
    Bitte wenn möglich auf V 1.24 an passen, wäre cool

  8. David says:

    For me doesn’t work. Steam version, 1.25

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