Interior Rework for Mercedes FINAL VERSION

Interior-Rework-for-Mercedes-1 Interior-Rework-for-Mercedes-2 Interior-Rework-for-Mercedes-3

– New option for a classy wooden cover
– Dark gray color tones instead of pure black (Details are visible even under shadows now)
– Real Mercedes logo above the bed

Author: Tunak


18 Responses to Interior Rework for Mercedes FINAL VERSION

  1. kelvin says:

    1.14.1 can play this mod?

  2. el turco says:

    adamsın tunak.

  3. Uxot says:

    Hi does this replace the outside Majestic logo too?

    • Tunak says:

      No. this is pure interior modification. No exterior, no sound etc.. just interior.

  4. Ayhan says:

    eyv usta ellerine sağlık…

  5. crovv says:

    eline saglik kardes….yanliz bu versiyonda navigasyon isliyor mu???öteki versiyonda islemiyordu

    • Tunak says:

      hepsinde işliyordu sorun yok.
      senin başka bir modla çakışmıştır. büyük ihtimal modifiye modlarından biriyle.

  6. Romario says:

    Bad! A large number of errors.Very sorry!

  7. Malarky says:

    It’s a great looking interior but very dark.. When I drive in the shadow or night it’s barely visible.. I can barely even see the Mercedes logo on the steering wheel. The interior itself looks VERY slick and beautiful but it’s a bit too dark. Could you fix this please?

    • Tunak says:

      nothing to fix. it’s not black anymore it’s dark gray (as it should be)
      maybe your monitor is too dark. change the contrast and brightness of your monitor.

  8. benprojekt says:

    Nice Mod, but my Navi don´t work….

  9. LionBuster says:

    1.17 crash S:

  10. ACAB says:

    Works good for me on 1.17 & Navi as well

    good job thanks dude

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