Interior Rework for Mercedes v 2.0

Interior-Rework-for-Mercedes-Truck-v-2.0-1 Interior-Rework-for-Mercedes-Truck-v-2.0-2

Version 2.0:
– Better looking and brighter mercedes star on steering wheel
– Better looking dark chrome frames for fuel and pressure gauges
– Asymmetries in RPM gauge are corrected
– “Actros” logo in the middle of dash instead of “Across”

Author: Tunak


3 thoughts on “Interior Rework for Mercedes v 2.0

  1. Sumerian_Demon

    man.. did you fix the HDR from inside the truck? it was much brighter when you use the cabin view

    1. there is no such thing.
      probably a mod conflict. check your other mods especially modification mods and mercedes mods.

  2. Wellington

    Someone has some Actros mod that works well in 1:16 ?


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