Interiors Collection V19

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Replaces the standard salons. Changed the intermittent wiper. Test on version 1.31.

Bleud; eskioglu; ZaBa 38; HUMMER2905; Leipziger; Garry; OveRTRucK; xubu; Flogo85; Kirtok.


5 Responses to Interiors Collection V19

  1. gabby says:

    can you make this for 1.30 ?

  2. JaapAap says:

    This mod is bad and the colours are not real. I have never seen a truck with this colours.

  3. Hicham says:

    these are not carefully made, the combination of colors are wrong, you basically just replaced existing textures with random ones,, ( before anyone say: why you don’t make a better one, i did, checkout Renault Premium and Magnum classy Interiors by Hicham, me, i ve spent hours making sure that the HD textures i use match perfectly with each other )

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