Internacional i9400


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– Works in 1.24/1.25
– Standalone
– Template
– AO bake
– Wheels
– Cab DLC
– Flag DLC
– Interior
– Tuning
– Sound
– Advance coupling



14 thoughts on “Internacional i9400

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel

    1. Mr.GermanTruck!
      When the video do, then show it to the people and the log.

      1. Elk like that! (losevo)
        Teach your mom how to sew, you cowards!

  2. Старая модель, для ETS2 не выше 1.22.хх. Весь лог забит ошибками.
    The old model for ETS2 not higher 1.22.hh. All log scored errors.

    1. losevo58 Курва ты не флуди,а сам себе справь. Достаёшь тут дормоед своим чистым логом ! Покупай с чистым логом и претензии предъявляй или иди лесом – Клоун !!

      1. мразь поганая-ты задолбал всех грязью поливать,гнида. Не живется среди людей-так вали нахер на луну.

    2. losevo58 ++++

  3. dealer where can be found? thanks

  4. dealer VOLVO

  5. Стеклоочистители не работают

  6. This miscreant for posting others mods no mind to make an original skrin truck. #######
    Old – stolen old #### from other hosts kkk…

  7. good truck and very powerful, but with an exception, half of the glass is covered and can’t see the road! besides chair settings are not very friendly so barely can set to see the road and look reasonably. need update!

  8. too buggy sry ;/ it replaces the default sounds of the standard volvo trucks and messes up their interior. if it got fixed this would be great truck

  9. run in 1.22?

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