International lonestar custom ets2 1.40

International lonestar custom ets2 1.40.
Was updated to the new version of ats 1.40. Fixed bugs in lights and mirrors.



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3 thoughts on “International lonestar custom ets2 1.40

  1. Well modeled truck, decent engine noise.
    Strangely no headlights on the fenders.
    The first time I drove with it, the GPS did not work and for the video it worked. “do not try to understand defois”
    It will be missing headlight options on the roof and a few options in the cabin as well.

  2. Great custom truck good paint jobs i really like this but i don’t like those silly sun visors that block out half the vision but you can leave them off! Looks different with the custom headlights mounted down lower. But this truck looks cool with mods as it already looks like a custom hot rod. I would love to see a old skool custom rusty “rat rod” paint job for it.

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