International Lonestar v 2.3.2

international-lonestar-1 international-lonestar-2 international-lonestar-3

Buy in showroom SCANIA
– Standalone
– Fixes dashboard in interior
– Fixes bugs
– Steering and physics of the truck is corrected
– Added DLC Steering Creations Pack
– Adding the DLC volnate and fixes some bugs to work better in the newest version of the game
– Attention! ONLY for version 1.25.x.!

Test version: 1.25.3s

Franck, FrankBrasil, MaxaGent


3 Responses to International Lonestar v 2.3.2

  1. Harry Hirsch says:

    Uploaded from fly5656

  2. Cipinho says:

    crash when visiting Scania, perhaps in conflict with another truck. indeed I have a long list of trucks :))

  3. Maestro says:

    OK. 2 things about this truck: It’s finally working, and the interior is disapointing.
    It crashes if you click in the Scania dealer logo, but if you go directly to the dealer, you will be able to buy the truck. (strange at least)
    I like the looks ( outside ) the sound is good, and drives very well, but the modder(s) forgot to do the interior wich is ugly and very badly done. And i have a problem with the steering wheel ( i configure it in the shop, bought it and now it’s gone! – no steering wheel).
    It needs a lot of work this mod.

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