Invisible Road Closed Warning


Invisible Road Closed Warning ETS-2 mod by Chernobyl Boar.
I removed the road and streets closed signs. Of course, it’s just a visual effect and the limit of the map still exists.
I hope you enjoy and share.

Thank you!!!

Chernobyl Boar


10 Responses to Invisible Road Closed Warning

  1. Valdas says:

    Who can not be to create one color pictures of girls more ???

  2. deneb_system says:

    please, tell me, what`s the sticker on winscreen? mod?

  3. Chernobyl Boar says:

    Yes, is a SunShield mod with brands of trucks by unicorn0007.

    Link for mod:

  4. Riyaz Shaikh says:

    Thx, i am waiting of this mod since 6 or 7 months.

    • Chernobyl Boar says:

      Thank you for commenting here. I was also waiting for this mod a long time. So Waited, I decided to make myself and how the result was positive, I decided to share with virtual roads friends.

      • daryl says:

        Hi i like the mod but how do i add it to the game as i have only added scs files to the mod section before

        • daryl says:

          Hi again missed it was already a scs file and had extracted it .it is now added and working thank`s the game looks better with .

  5. Kubson says:

    Plese mod for VOLVO

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