iPhone 6 Plus by Samo


Mod work only with DLC Cabin Accessories.
Tested: 1.22x, 1.21x



7 Responses to iPhone 6 Plus by Samo

  1. nerowskyyMonster says:

    Very nice đŸ˜‰

    • RedLion says:

      Can u make iphone 5white plz?

      • Samo says:

        Yes, I do it today.

        • zoso says:

          friend when you change the mod of other authors must be added
          even the original loans (OveRTRucK)
          and it is not correct to ask to donate money
          what do you think about it?

          • Samo says:

            Zoso – I create my own mod.
            For example: OveRTRuck has all mod locked, so even if I wanted to copy mod, I do not have a chance to get to them.

          • zoso says:

            Ok but the mods you can unlock and easy to understand
            I’m sure that’s the mod overtruck
            this and my thoughts usually always add the original authors in my work

  2. Samo says:

    I don’t know unlock mod…

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