Iranian Currency


Iranian free market currency in 20 Aban 1392…



5 thoughts on “Iranian Currency

  1. Wait Iranians don’t get paid in enriched plutonium?
    What’s all the fuss about then?

    1. ♣♣♣♣OZBORN♣♣♣♣

      Enriched uranium FOR Power

  2. hamid reza

    faghat IRAN ye soal in mod poolemoono be toman mibare manzooram ine ke poolemoon vahedesh mishe toman ya hamoon pooole ke darim masalan 200 darim be iran ke mishe 100 ?

  3. sohail.b!nam

    salam doste aziz.khob hasti?
    dadash khastam begam ke man ham yek irani hastam
    ma dar anjoman simulatorgame
    faliet darim.
    khosh hal mishim be ma be peivandi.

  4. thanks man…I liked this work
    dastet dard nakone

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