Irizar Pb V2.5


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This is the band new Irizar Pb

Fixed rear-view mirrors
10 HD skins
New capacity in the diesel tank
2 new gearboxes (6/12 speeds)
New panel led animation (with color)
Chasis lift
New textures

Tested on 1.22.x / 1.23.x

definition required!
visit our youtube channel: DigitalBusMX

MaGo, Mark, goose


6 Responses to Irizar Pb V2.5

  1. lars says:

    doesnt work on 1.22

  2. Adamisch says:

    who ever made this video should go watch some other review channels and learn from them how to make one đŸ˜›

  3. Malique says:

    doesnt work

  4. John says:

    Definition required!!!!!
    Read, bobos!

  5. Joseph says:

    haha wat a joke doesnt work

  6. Lee White says:

    keeps crashing my game

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