Irizar Pb V2.5


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This is the band new Irizar Pb

Fixed rear-view mirrors
10 HD skins
New capacity in the diesel tank
2 new gearboxes (6/12 speeds)
New panel led animation (with color)
Chasis lift
New textures

Tested on 1.22.x / 1.23.x

definition required!
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MaGo, Mark, goose


6 thoughts on “Irizar Pb V2.5

  1. doesnt work on 1.22

  2. who ever made this video should go watch some other review channels and learn from them how to make one 😛

  3. doesnt work

  4. Definition required!!!!!
    Read, bobos!

  5. haha wat a joke doesnt work

  6. Lee White

    keeps crashing my game

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