Italy Map v 2.0 (Update 30.06.17) [1.27.X]

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Notes on the scenario:

Version 2.0 that adds Italy to the default map of ETS2.

This version includes all Italy.


Download the two files in a whatever folder. The and ets2_prefabs_packed_18_0_by_fld.rar files are archives and must be extracted and to copy the contents to the mod folder.
In the mod manager, load the five files like in image below.


This map is compatible with the DLC including the latest “Vive le France”. It is not compatible with the maps that include Italy.

Good fun.

Renzo248, Deco13, FLD for prefabs

DOWNLOAD 70 MB [Prefabs Pack]

44 thoughts on “Italy Map v 2.0 (Update 30.06.17) [1.27.X]

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

  2. is compatible with promods?

    1. GamerLionfish

      I.D.K, but I honestly hope so.

    2. sorry OZ, but it’s not…

    3. Yes, it’s compatiblу with promods

  3. Grazie,multo bella 😉

  4. Chester19

    I can’t download the map… it sez “WRONG I.P.” can you reupload it on sharemods… both the prefab pack and the map…

  5. You can put it in, but it overwrites some Parts from the PM-Map.

    Otherwise it´s a very fine Map, which I´ve loading in SCS-Forum 😉

    1. GamerLionfish

      Certainly an issue worth looking into & therefor, fixing

  6. Good job! Could you please add one of these cities in the next release? Cesena, Forlì, Rimini. They are between Ancona and Ravenna.

  7. shame it wont work with Pro Mods 🙁

    1. kevin60927

      It works fine with ProMods 2.20 with Italy Map 2.0.for ets2 V1.28.x

  8. Molto bravi complimenti!

  9. Very good mod, thank you 🙂

  10. martin edwards

    does it work with tsm map…

  11. Thank you for this great map! Does not use so much FPS like promod or TSM. Realy performant.

  12. My+game+crash+when+I+try+to+search+a+work.+Why+do+this?

  13. Love your map! You guys made an excellent job. Congratulations and thanks a lot 🙂

  14. Super dodatek. 🙂 Gratulacje dla całej ekipy i życzę powodzenia na dalszą pracę.

  15. Ischollum

    Can you just make a Map Connection with Promods. That would be awesome or can you work together with the of Promods.

  16. bellissima!!! Grazie 🙂

  17. z mapa MHAPro jest problem,ciezarowka wpada w dziure przed verona

  18. VlastaVasicek

    goood job … work with my cz/sk map 😉

  19. Well this crashes my game when i activate it

  20. Bel+lavoro+ragazzi!+C’è+un+problema+in+zona+Aquila+(arrrivando+da+nord)+con+le+colline+sullo+sfondo.

  21. Problem w kamieniołomie w mieście Potenza. Po odczepieniu ładunku spada się w dół i leci, leci, leci…

  22. Bug! We wszystkich kamieniołomach po dostarczeniu towaru ciężarówka spada w duł. Poprawcie to.

  23. Why does the MAN dealer in Bari look like a Mercedes dealer? (Or why does the Mercedes dealer in Bari sell MAN?)

  24. wekt met ProMods zoek en je vind een fix er voor zeer mooi dit Itlalia

  25. Rosario e Christian

    Ciao ragazzi,
    Mappa bellissima davvero un ottimo lavoro, vi seguiamo costantemente per supportarvi e provare ogni vostro upgrade. Pertanto vi invitiamo, data la vostra bravura, ad ampliare sempre di più la mappa ed aggiungere altri dettagli e soprattutto città. Ci farebbe molto piacere insieme a molti altri utenti della zona, ad aggiungere la città di Salerno, che è anche di vitale importanza grazie al suo porto. Inoltre sarebbe davvero bello spezzare la linea che va da Napoli all’ingiù con nuove cittadine.

    Ancora complimenti, aspettiamo vostre news 🙂

  26. The map is good, but you should make it more realistic. Recreate the italian atmosphere!
    -You should try to replace some signs with italian ones (on the motorway the panels for fuel stations are wrong and the name of the station is missing;
    are used some panels from other coutries-i.e. “no right/left turn” or “right lane ends” signals;
    -the A3 Florence-Siena is a 4-lane road;
    -on the A1 from Florence to Bologna the “Variante di Valico” diversion is missing…

  27. Карта выполнена очень качественно!уровень как у дефолтной карты.Самое главное нет фризов и лагов,которых много у промодса!у меня работает вместе с картой “великая польша”

  28. Hey guys, I found an invisible wall in the city of Lucca, the southbound road going to Pisa. Anyways great map, and more power.

  29. I am trying to make a delivery in Reggio, but every time I re-enter the delivery platform, there are cars and a van parked there, which means I cannot deliver. Even reloading or g_traffic 0 doesn’t get rid of them.

  30. This map is awesome!!!You have to make a map of Spain, then this project would be even more magnificent. here are a few bugs in the quarries, when the semitrailer tends to fall, the truck drops down

  31. Mappa+bellissima,+bellissimi+paesaggi.

  32. a me crascha perche’ ?

  33. A quand en version 1.28 ? obliger de desactiver le mod, depuis la mise a jour.

  34. hello

  35. when are you release this map for 1.28 game. because this is very good mod. that’s why i ask from you.

  36. i do not have the entire map only half of it. please help me

  37. Does this work with ETS2 1.32, without their Italy DLC? I’ve been trying all the mods mentioned in the map mod, in different priority orders, but nothing worked. No Italy towns, apart from the default ones on the Turin/Venice route, and moreover the map is garbled, with the road network drawn right-shifted with respect to the land contours, which makes things pretty unreadable.

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