Italy Sign Rework – Promods Addon v2.0 [1.46]

Changelog 2.0
fixed Venice bugs, invisible countries and random crashes
added a new sign in IT-CH border
added a new sign in Milan
added Highway A8
added a few signs scattered around Italy

Discover a completely new driving experience in Italy with the Italy Sign Rework v2 mod! Over 500 signs have been included, along with realistic models and street lights.

Make sure to have ProMods, ws this is an addon and it’s required to have it enabled and activate all mods included in the .zip file, including Etrusan3D. For further instructions, please refer to the README.txt file.

To ensure compatibility with other mods, this mod should have the highest priority in your mod manager.



3 thoughts on “Italy Sign Rework – Promods Addon v2.0 [1.46]

  1. vincenzo iacovangelo

    non funziona sul gioco

  2. Guthrie Forbes

    Breaks the road between Taranto and Lecce

  3. Riccardo Cioni

    Aggiornare a 1.47, senno’ e’ INCOMPATIBILE

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