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Hi … let me tell you all a little story about this wonderfull truck, and the friendship between me and it’s builder.
My dad was all his life a trucker but any times he became a sick heart and he must move from his job as trucker. He was sad cause trucking was his life and i want make him happy. I knew that his lovely truck was our Iveco 190.38 Special and get an idea. So i ordered the truck as singlepiece at one of my best friends and legends of the scene cause i trust him to make my dad happy with this present. If my dad can’t make his job more, i buy him ETS2 and the truck he loves only for him, so i was thinking.
Two years later the truck was finished and i payd much money for it with all right on the model and we made agreement that is unique and only made for me. I was so happy cause i saw the happy eyes from my dad as he get it from me. He plays day and night and became little times later very good feeling. All was ok and i ordered more trucks at Ventyres and started to pay every month little money.
And than the big shock came. I see my as unique ordered and payd truck at another guy. This was the start of the end of a long trusty friendship between me and Ventyres. I asked him more times what and why he did this to me and was realy sad but no reaction from him comes back. Then i stopped paying money for the new orders and than i get an answere from him. He say he is not working for nuts, cause one times my bank have any problems and he don’t get one part of money. He did it with the opinion that he only use what is his … the money. That was all. Very sad.!! Now my dad is dead … and Ventyres is still selling the truck to others and don’t tell them nothing about it’s story … so maybe some of you can feel what this truck was for me and my dad. I found no words for this all if someone only think on money and all the time we was friends lies into my eyes. Money is not all in the life. For me friendship is more.
The only way stop him to make money and cheating others too is release this wonderfull truck to you all. In memorys of my dead dad and for a good time in the future.
Sad times, but this story shows that’s not more possible trust anyone.
Greetings to all and have much fun with it.

Author: Dani


34 Responses to Iveco 190-38 Special

  1. Diablo says:

    This mod is already exposed by the author, someone changed the link to download and issued a again a sad affair

  2. papou says:

    I made out a will and I really liked. 2 things, sounds more realistic engine is just missing and accessories cabins. For me it would be brilliant. Thank you again for this truck.

  3. filip says:

    How many times this truck has been uploaded here?

  4. zoso says:

    Ciao Dani, la tua storia mi ha colpito e ti apprezzo molto e ti do il mio sostegno, anch’io sono in un momento molto difficile ho subito un intervento alla spalla e non posso muovermi.
    Per il resto non mi sorprende nulla, il denaro fa ritornare la vista ai non vedenti.
    l’unico amico che non ti tradirà mai è solo il tuo portafoglio
    vuoto o pieno che sia sarà sempre con tè
    Ciao ciaoZ Dani

  5. lupin says:

    scusate ma quando fatte turbo daily e bus iveco e turbo star 330-30 ciaoo

  6. Doktor_Psix says:

    Обзор на Русском!

  7. Pat Stringer says:

    Merci beaucoup Dani pour ce camion, une pensée a votre père, je suis avec vous

  8. Renato says:

    A sound mod for this would be really nice

  9. Max says:


  10. howo says:


  11. howo says:

    please chasis 6\4

  12. lupin says:

    scusa su iveco 190.38 special potete cambiare il motore mettere un più potente il motore ha adesso non riesce fare le salite si pianta li e potete i mettere un navigato e trazione 4×4

  13. FSXNOOB says:

    It sure is a great truck, and a sad story..

  14. Steini says:

    @Dani, my sincere condolences!

    I am not really interested, but’s more out of respect (non commercial).

  15. Paddy Daly says:


  16. Paddy Daly says:

    very touching story Dani and great mod keep up the good work

  17. Gerard says:

    My Mod does not look like the picture?

  18. luke says:

    è standalone per caso? Grazie Dani per la mod 😀

  19. That Red Truck says:

    Mr Dani are you italian? from your name seems like yes but i won’t download this truck it has so sad stories…

  20. Dani Lee says:

    Hi guys.
    Thank you all for your sympathy. Please let us hold together and make cheaters quiet in the scene. Only if all work together the scene could become what it was as the truck simulator times was at the beginning.

    On for all and all for one

    … and never forget – friendship is more than money 😉

    Dani Lee

  21. Wowilla says:


  22. Mixer66 says:

    Esiste una guida per cambiare il colore?

  23. PremiumMods says:

    Now available! New professional update v1.3 “IVECO 190 38 Turbo Special”
    Removed all errors, updated files to ETS v1.28, Updated Engines and gearboxes by. Factory manufacturer parameters, new beautiful engine sounds! And many other improvements!

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