Iveco 190-38 Turbo Special V8 Sound v 3.0

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Here’s the version #3 of the roar from the well-known IVECO 190-38, with some modifications to the low and high speeds of revolutions per minute in the engine.
WARNING: To make sure the sound mod works properly and in a stable manner, I recommend you to download the truck (the one with no curtains in the interior) in this link:


Kriechbaum, badass22


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3 thoughts on “Iveco 190-38 Turbo Special V8 Sound v 3.0

  1. My truck is silent! What I am doing wrong?

    1. You have downloaded another version of this truck (the one with the curtains and not the one I linked in the description), or maybe you changed some parts at the auto repair shop.
      If you tuned your truck by changing something (engine, transmission, etc.), load the autosave before you tuned the truck, deactivate this mod, tune your truck, then activate your mod again and it should go without any issues.

    2. I just edited some of the files. Now this should be fixed.

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