Iveco 198–38 Special v 1.2

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Edited and Updoaled by Jorgent97 (Thanks to Angel Otelo)

Added 750 cv and 320 cv Engines
Added 6V, 6 VR, 12V and 12VR Transsmision
Work in 1.27

– Independent
– Acquires from Iveco dealer
– 1 chassis
– 1 cabin
– 3 engine
– His shop
– Nekrasov
– Not a big tyunning
– Support for setting the wheels
– Support for DLC Flags and accessories in the cockpit
Test versions 1.27

Jorgent97, Angel Otelo, Dani Lee


7 thoughts on “Iveco 198–38 Special v 1.2

  1. Please add a template 🙂

  2. favore quando fatte iveco 190 bdf e un bus iveco

  3. AlexCrazy

    another ###### fake….. last update in mod from Dec. 2016

  4. JNTGaming HD
    Stop downloading and uploading hereFake and old mod!
    Or you will get a warning and your channel will suffer for the illegal copying of fake mods! We must warn you or you will have big problems!
    JNTGaming HD
    You try to earn a dollar on the channel for cheating and fake mods (!)

  5. Still no interior textures – God damnit!

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